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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

::WELCOMING 2009--The Resolutions::

I am writing this right after the new year's countdown on TV3. Yes, I was watching ALLY-The Talkshow. But please, not because it featured Fasha Sandha. But because I do like Ally's personality and on top of that, I am celebrating my new year at home, with my very own self. Like every year...~

Alhamdulillah, we are now in 2009. The new year has just begun yet the clock never stops ticking. Thank you, Allah SWT for giving me the chance to experience the year of 2008 which was full of happiness and tears that have raised me better as a daughter, a friend, and on top of that, as a caliph on this earth. Alhamdulilah again and again.

So, what do I have in the closet for my new 2009? And do I have to 'extend the closet' to give enough rooms for old resolution(s) which to be carried forward? That's most probably why I am writing this one right now.

Being the typical me, I've never had like ties of resolutions for my new year. Like many others, I do keep my list, but it is a short one. And simple. That's most importanto!

Looking back at my 2008's resolutions in retrospect, I bet I've got nothing to be carried forward, but, my 2009's resolutions might sound more or less identical to those I had in the previous year:

1. To complete my research proposal by this semester (at least before finals)

2. To get the proposal approved by my supervisor (expecting a few alterations though)

3. To get my thesis done before Sept this year.

4. To maintain my CGPA (I know I must dare swallow all pains that would likely to come across)

5. To submit application for pursuing PhD to be included in the June/Sept 2010 intake in Columbia University and at the same time find scholarship or study grant.


Those are just resolutions. And the next important things to it are always perseverance and determination. I am the beget who carries the important role in making the list turn into desired reality.

I have been gabfesting about 2009's resolutions with many ones for the past few days. And I am ultimately happy knowing that some of my dear kakaks (my classmates) and lovely peeps are planning to tie the knot in 2009. Alhamdulillah and congratulations to all of them. Some did ask, "Aren't you planning for something really big, Intan?". I got the meaning right then.

I might not have the accurate answer for this question but I'm not saying that I was offended or anything. And to be exact, I felt completely nothing, maybe numb and not petriefied at all. I used to encounter such a question with lough and stupid smile. But oh well, everyone wants to get married. I know some people 'choose not to get married'. At least, that's not what I am going to choose. But, that could also be my 'last resort'. Ngahaha! Simpang malaikat patplohpat...~

Amidst this life's challenges, barriers and tests, I am a strong believer to the fact that "manusia dicipta berpasang-pasangan". I also strongly belief that the partner fated for me is someone who completes my weaknesses and I'll complete him as well. That what makes this love life more meaningful. Someone who can accepts me with all of my weaknesses (as much as I love him the way he is), and it refers to the man whom I credit a husband would treasure.

So, I let the time to determine that part for me and I am keeping the faith and praying hard that everything I have in my life now is the best for me and my future, insyaAllah.

I always tell myself that I must put myself first, at least before the moment I make decision like what my friends' did in this life. Because I do understand that once a person decided to get married, it means sharing things together for the rest of the life for all sweets and bitter reasons the world would offer.

All I need for my current life and future is the ample spaces for me to settle things properly and to be who I wanna be. That's the answer to the five newborn resolutions. Ghee!

So here I am tonight.

Celebrating the blast of new year at home sweet home and still lovinit!

Last but not least, I'm wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

::I Made it From Labuan to Limbang and Labuan Once Again::

+Terlalu menenangkan. Tlah membuatku jatuh cinta+

+This wooden bridge connects one home to another+

+ They don't have a proper drainage system. Everything will be thrown into the water. And most of the Village Water consituents are n't locals+

+It's the Village Water, Patai-Patai Dua. Another tourism attraction+

+I love the sands. I love the blue ocean. I love the beutiful skies. Picturesque!+

+Manikam Beach, Labuan. Besides Manikam Beach, I also went to Bt. Arang Beach, Kg.Labu Beach and the one near to Rencha Village.+

+ I love the breezy Labuan+

+Malaysia-Brunei border. It takes only 40minutes to get into the neighboring country from this spot. Many Brunei citizens came to Limbang to get cheaper things. On Saturday's night, they'll be in Limbang for liquor. Nak ja ako sepak sekoq2 yg dok bersepah mabuk kat tepi jalan+

+A day before the pengantins' big day. It has been raining for the past few days, that's why it's a bit muddy. Luckily I got my sneakers and not heels. Ngahaha! And one interesting term I just learned, they called the canopy as 'kem' (acronym of 'khemah')+

+These are the Sarawakian's lovely love letters! Delicious and colorful. It has got another color, coco. Tapi da selamattt dimakan+

+Hanya dengan sekali lafaz. Good work, Ariff! That what makes a man! :). The akad was done in Sarawakian's language, I guess+

+This is basically why we are in Limbang! CONGRATULATIONS Ariff and Nisa'..~ The day before, both of them had to do 'mandi beras'. That's the Sarawakian's culture. And I love the experience. But I must not upload their 'bathing' pictas in here! ;)+

+The water village from the Limbang Jetty. It's whole new interesting thing. They use boats and sampan to cross the river. It's nearer, faster and cheaper way to get to the Limbang town+

+It took a crook two hours to finally get in Limbang. And the boat carries more than mere passengers. Frozen and stuffed foods as well+

+My dad and our 13 other relatives are making our way to the speed boat. Limbang, HERE WE COME!!+

+Labuan Shipyard from far. It's good to see giant machines tranfering big-big ships+

+..Dermaga Labuan, from the river bank. The weather is hot yet lovly and am lovinit!..+

+..Dermaga Labuan. There's a gigantic poster that shows the loyalty of
the constituents toward the party..+

::Lousy Process That I Ha8::

This one is all about the course registration via online.

When the campus administration finally decided to put evertyhing via online, I was one of the most cheered students. I was expecting the newly implemented state-of-the art means to be the perfect platform in helping the students to be better in touch with the administration even when we are off campus.

On top of that, when everything goes online, I was also expecting that I don't really have to be on campus land in dealing with things like course registration and validation, book's booking, hunting for tonnes of the online journals, extending or renewing car stickers and books' return date, also to check our 'samans' and trial date.

Ghee..I still keep one stupid saman since my first semester in Master. The Pak Guards can be really inconsiderate and unreasonable at times. Acting like king of no legacy. Ceth..~

Fine, back to the main issue.

Whilst the good notion of putting all things via online, it isn't operating like what have been expected. The network turns many official and important processes to be ambigous and precarious when it fails the progresses of many things! And at times, during peak hours (during finals days of course registation and when examintion results were released), the website fails to support the heavy online visitors.

This is exactly what I am facing at the moment.

I've been trying really hard, in so many ways, just to get my COM504 (Graduate Seminar) to be registered. The moderator opened the online registration on December21, yet until now, I still cannot get that one particular course to be registered and the best thing of all, the course hasn't been listed in the courses selection. And they (the moderators) must have all reasons in this world not working on this until now!

I contacted my faculty and they could not do much as they have reported the matter to the right department. Fine, they did their part. And I do know that fingers should not be pointed at one particular party since there;re just too many parties implicated in handling this matter.

I could not be bothered about who should be blamed as my sole concern is how they (all deparments) operate themselves in getting their works done and that is it!

I just want to get over this thing. I need my COM504 to be registered and to know that everything is in the right place for myself. I hate my very bitter experience dealing with irresponsible persons in the administration (I'm not saying all of them) when they really ignored the my status back in my sixth semester in Degree years. It was due to their very own mistake, they were complete ignorance by not letting me and my friends know beforehand and when everything was too late, they made us live miserable to death.

I do not want that to happen once again. So that is probably why I let myself 'haunt' the right persons in the administration before they can hit the chance to put blames on the students over their own lousy jobs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

::I Can Finally Take a Real Deep Breath::

Riddles and heart-throb are all GONE by now.

ALHAMDULILLAH. Finally, my heart is pounding normal again. But, that was not until the examination result is released. And December 19 has marked another sweet memory in my life.

Take my words, I am very bad at encountering apprehension. Indeed, I've never had any wise means to get over it anyway, especially when it comes to condition when I had to deal with things that are closely related to my studies. The world has no pacifier that can exactly pacified the creeping feeling in me. By now, do I sound more like an alien? =(

Result has been released. Now, Semester Three awaits me in the end of 2008. The very first class will kicks-off on Dec30 (Tuesday) and I will be doing Media Laws and Regulations on every Tuesdays. YES, it is LAW, dear peeps! And that is so going to be another solid reason that would lead me to an unrest life! Law! Law! Law!

I have had this very bad experience dealing with law course. This one haunted me back in my Degree years. I might not had a very good reason to feel so bad about the course. Come on. My lecturer was awesome! She managed to find the simplest way that really helped communication students (especially the 'slow' one like me) to catch 'law thingys' easily. I loved my law classes, all assignments and projects like seriously.

But still, above all good things that I've mentioned, I still failed to get over the unreasonable tense dealing with law. I did oke in my Midsem test (at least I did not have to re-sit). Alhamdulillah, overall, I managed to get an A- for my Law course. Exactly not what I'd contemplated beforehand =))

Study is not all about tests and examinations. That's what my Law's lecturer told me. I know that very well though. But still, everything that relates to my studies should be seriously counted and I dare not to take any risks over ignorance. I am not a fast learner like others do, that is mainly why I always have to work like crazy from the beginning. For the sake of my future and ambition, I would take all pain al the way, insyaAllah.

Besides Media Laws and Regulations, I've got another two challenging courses to be taken in Semester Three- Telecommunications and Media Management and Graduate Seminar. All I have with me now are "perseverance and determination" that will be my guidance to get through things in the upcoming semester. With hark work and do'a, Allah SWT will make the path easier for me, insyaAllah.

Dear friends of mine, please pray for my success in Semester Three. I will always need loads of that!


Again and again, THANK YOU ALLAH SWT for all blessings.

Friday, December 12, 2008

::Confusing Tomorrow::

In the first place, we were told to be present at school on the Dec 13 for the manual registration since there'll be no online registration this time around.

Then, clashing information were heard here and there. Oow, typical problem, I guess. This is what me and other UiTM students have been facing since ever. No biggie, anyway!

IPSis provided us with information that are totally competing with what our Coordinator has informed us earlier. And it's kinda hard to make selection at this particular stage- either to come tomorrow for the manual registration or to stick with the dates given by IPSis in the website.

But personally, I would rather anticipate all pain pertaining to registration matters. This is very much because I have this very black experience dealing with registration thingys back in my final semester in Degree level. Darn.

Our Coordinator has informed us to be present on the Dec 13 for the manual registration. And I know very true that finger should not be pointed at anyone since we've to use our own wisdom to make wise judgement over this typical matter.

Some friends are still caught in deep confusion. I still do, though. A confusion that happens every semester and that is very much why I say this is just a typical matter to me.

Classmates keep asking one same question that I might not have one definite answer as they desired for- "Is manual registration necessary?". But to me, honestly, I will never be that bold to take the risks, especially the ones pertaining to my studies. So, although we have the online registration, manual registraton is still a biggie to me!

I hate my black experience I had back in 2006. It wasn't due to my own mistakes, but because I had not enough information regarding the registration process, I was resorted to almost four-months hell of conflict that had put my convocation at real stake. Damn it.

But Alhamdulillah, my kind lecturers who are my mentors have helped me to pull through. They really gave me their helping hands to save me out of the problem and I managed to graduate on time. And since that, anything relates to registration process has been another priority in my life. I'll never hesitate to clarify and verify the same thing over again as things keep on changing without prior notice. I don't care if some clerks in the office might simply assumed that I'm stupid or whatever.

I just want to be in the safe side!


On top of that, the registration also indicates that the new semester is just around the corner and I am patiently counting my remaining holidays. Fine, I have had enough until now. The mind has had good rest and it's already the time for me to look forward to the Third Semester which will begins in early January.

Please pray for my success, dear friends. Really need loads of that!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

::A Rainy EidulAdha::

When I was awaken by the noisy alarm at 6.30am today, I can barely open my eyes. Deserves me right. I went to bed at around 4am the night before. I bet that was due to Pakcik Manan's teh tarik kao..! I had two glasses of it at the kenduri yesterday.

Since last night, the rains are still dropping, dampening the earth and we are celebrating this year's EidulAdha in a very vigorous condition. Ow, I am loving the weather!

::My EidulAdha Eve::

Performing tawaf
Masjidil Haram, Mecca

It's sharp 2 am in the morning at this very moment.

It's EidulAdha's eve. Tonight reminds me of the precious experiences that I and my parents had back in 1998, the year we performed our Haj. At this time, we were still in Mina, waiting for our turn to be sent back to Mecca to perform the much awaited tawaf and sai'e before finally we can declare the title of Haji and Hajjah.

I was only 14 year-old at that time. Very young, so I followed whatever my parents and ustaz told me to do.

Mina resembles the notion of Padang Mahsyar- the venue where all Muslims will be gathered during afterlife. Millions of people in one placed. It's highly crowded, but everyone loved the scene.

When we were brought back to Masjidil Haram to perform our tawaf and sai'e, the sacred mosque was less crowded. My group was amongst the first to be brought back to Mecca. Alhamdulillah, given such an advantage, we managed to perform our seven-rounds-tawaf quite comfortable. After I completed my tawaf and before moving to sai'e, I joined my parents and the mutawwif for a solat sunat and Alhamdulillah, we managed to performed the solat facing the al-Multazam, and it's said that al-multazam is one of the best places for do'a and do'a are answered in this place. InsyaAllah.

When I was staring the Kaabah in astonisment, my conscience told me to bring myself and my parents near to the hajarul aswad and kiss it. By that time, pilgrims have already flooded the mosque from Mina. The mutawwif explained to me that it was not easy to hit for a chance within the huge crowd but at the same time he reminded me to keep reading the do'a and insyaAllah, Allah SWT will make it easier for me and my parents.

Hand in hand, I brought my parents into the crowd. We cannot simply crossed the moving crowd who were performing their tawaf, so that we had to make a single round to make it easier to bring ourselves nearer to the spot. 'Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir robbi tammim bil khoiri'. It's a do'a I learned during my Haj course months before I left for Mecca. A simple yet powerful do'a. Allahuakbar.

Upon reaching the hajarul aswad, I saw the huge policeman, who stood next to the stone looking at me. I pulled my parents to get them nearer to the spot before a huge miracle happened to us. The policeman said something in Arabic to the crowd who were struggling to get a chance to kiss the hajarul aswad and pointing at me and my parents. All I could understand was, "Ladies first, ya Haj!" He kept saying that and he pulled my shoulder to get me and my parents in the first line of the crowd. I burst in tears when I got the very chance to kissed the hajarul aswad, and I kissed twice before letting my parents to get their chance. Then, the policemen helped me and my parents to pull through the crowd and 'freed' us. Subhanallah.

I was petrified and couldn't say anything at that very moment. I still feel like dreaming when recalling the memory. From then I keep telling myself that nothing's impossible in this life. With hard work, perseverance, determination and continuous do'a, Allah SWT, the almighty will show me the way to make things happen. InsyaAllah. Allah SWT has never break His promises, but we did. Astaghfirullahal'azim.

Before we moved to the sai'e area, we had a few cups of zam-zam water near to the well underneath the Masjidil Haram. There used to be a place where pilgrims can drink the zam-zam water straight from the well and people could also take their wudhuk in there, but recently I heard that the mosque' caretakers have closed the area and what's left available for the pilfgrims are the barrels of zam-zam water that they've accomodated all over the mosque.

Finally, we moved to the sai'e area. By that time, the crowd have already flooded all over the place, but it's a beutiful depictions when I'd the chance to see people of distinct colors and races gathered in one single place for Allah SWT. Everyone was in their ihrams, white in color and it reflects that all humans are just the same, regardless of our status or hierachy. Allah SWT doesn't count on that. What make us difference are the iman and 'amal.

Once we done the sai'e, it was the time for us to release the ihram by cutting the hair a little (for women and men) or men can also go for a total shaving. My dad chose the latter. Alhamdulillah. We've performed one of the big rukun Islam but we still keep our wish to pay for a second Haj. InsyaAllah.

A week after the Haj, we left for Dubai to pay some relatives a visit. Before returning to Kuala Lumpur, we dropped by in Jordan for two days. And finally we were at home sweet home :)

If people were to ask about my sweetest memory, I would say, "My Haj experiences are on top."

I keep one promise to myself. Once I started working, I'll start funding for another Haj in the future. Perhaps with my parents and beloved husband. The man Allah SWT has fated for me that only future can tell.



Ow, it's already 3.38am. How time flies..~

::more pictas of fashion show::

Note from top tp bottom: The 31 talented-smart-bold designers, Welcoming Designs at the HoF & They are real men!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

::r u n w a y AT h a l l o f f a m e::

I first thought that I was already late for the event which supposed to start at 2.30 pm.

I'd plan to anticipate my trip to the Lim Kok Wing University as it's my very first visit there, so I can take a little sight seeing before the event begins at the stated time. Unforunately, my schedule of the day was rather crazy and I can only make it there at +-3 pm. Lucky enough, I faced no problem in finding the location of the university and I must thank Rico for the pointers!

When I was about to reach the instituion's main entrance, I saw rows of rides being parked by the roadside and a few of them did double park though. So I wonder, if the rides belong to the students, why didn't they choose to park inside the campus area?

Upon the post guard, a Nepal man dressed in Safeguards attire greet me with a warmth helo, "This way, mam", he showed me where to park. I replied, "Where can I get free parking in here?". He then replied me by pointing to the rows of rides outside I saw earlier. I finally got the answer, the students would rather take the risks since they have to pay for the parking the institution provides inside. RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for the subsequent hours. Darn expensive, init?

A foreign student of the insitution offered following-pointers to get me to the 'Hall of Fame'- the venue I was searching for. "How nice of him", I thought. "Are you here for your sibling?", he asked. "Er, for my friend's fashion show", I replied. I thank him for his very kind favor when I've finally reached the HoF, or else, I would be seen more than a complete stranger in there.

At the hall's entrance, a lady greeted me with a welcoming smile and warmth hand-shake. "The show is about to begin in 30 minutes time. So, perhaps you would like to visit out gallery first", she explained.

The next thing I know I was already in one of the galleries in Lim Kok Wing University, feasting my eyes with the masterpieces of the students. They placed almost all kinds of the students' products ranging from architecture miniatures and outline plans, futuristic designs and sculptures, paintings and depictions, lines of the communication students' products and towards the end of the gallery, they placed outstanding drawings and garments by the Fashion Designing and Retail Materials' graduating students.

I must say that the gallery is modern and well equipped with state-of-the art technologies that make everything that they have inside look terrific! I mustn't ponder that much why their single semester fees cost more than what I paid for my six semesters. For families who can seriously afford to send their children to Lim Kok Wing, I guess it's going to be a worthwhile investments, insyaAllah.

The show started at around 3.30pm. I went into the HoF with a kind assistance of a sweet girl in the committee, directing me to where I was suppose to seat. Lucky me, I got the very front seat and the runway is just a metre in front of me! I got the bestest view of the day.

They hit the show with three distinct themes and I was enjoying myself very much. The new comers are simply talented, smart and bold. Although some of the garments are less practical and only meant for runway, but we must still appreciate what they have presented on the day. Each of the designers-of-the-day who are actually the 31 graduating students prepared six garments. It means that the audiences had 186 outstanding garments in one stretch of the show! "Creativity Unlimited" was the perfect theme an no one should ever doubt it.

Rico, the most celebrated designer of the day had presented more than six garments- the emcee wore his dress though! And I must say that Rico presented the most terrific ones. The dominant color was maroon and black, but he played with the blinking sequines of all sizes all over his garments. The crowd gave a huge applause and I saw the daughter of Lim Kok Wing was also mesmerized. Bright future awaits, bro!

I know that Rico's cut to be one renowned designer someday. I'll always pray for that, Amin. He's done with his Diploma in Fashion Designing this year and is already active in the industry he loves the most by now. He's damn lucky because he only paid fees for his first three semesters and studied in the remaining semesters for free since he got scholarship from the institution over his impressive results. The hardworking boy deserves that very much, I know.

All the best, brother!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

::Good Times with Great Friends::

Nur Khalidah bt. Khalid.

Zuhri Atiqah bt. Zahrildini.

Elena Hong Tze Lan bt. Musli.

Nurhazah bt. Ibrahim.

They are my all-times-great-gorgeous besties.

Born as the only child in my family, my friends are like my siblings.

I might not have any specific reasons why I am writing this piece, but being me, I always love to talk about my favorite besties as much as they just can't get enough gabfesting things about me! (especially when depicting me in my primary school years. Darn.)

Well, they know me clear-crystal. These girls always have their say about me.

I have been friends with both of Nur Khalidah bt. Khalid and Zuhri Atiqah bt. Zahrildini since we are 7-year-old. Standard One, you got it! By now, this friendship has been almost 17 years and I must say that this is the most mature friendship I've ever had. We were in the same primary school and that was SRK Convent Kajang. Together we moved to SMK Convent Kajang and we learned this life more during that time.

During secondary school, me and Alys (referring to Khalidah, only I call her this way) we were both prefect and we are in the Prefects Committee. Alys was rather more dicipline than I did. Being in a bunch of hooligan peeps, I cannot be that serious as the girls have always had their ways to dropped me in great jokes and laughters.

Alys and Tiqah (this time I'm referring to Zuhri) are not merely my best friends, they're my shoulders to cry on, my motivator, my advisor and on top of that, my punching bag at times. I am not a biggie to them as they know very well how to handle me in most emergency situations and pacified me well.

They're also my talented 'mind readers' So, mind me to keep any secrets from them! They always say this: "Ko jangan sorok masalah ko, Tan. Mata ko tak boleh tipu aku!". They got me through my eyes. Trust me, I thought this is something that only my parents can do, but apparently, my girls did that well though. And all these while, I've always rest my case to these people.

Since we left Convent Kajang, we've always had a dream- to be on a cruise journey. And we still keep this dream till we finally got ourselves on one, insyaAllah.

Alys and Tiqah are attached with good companies and I believe that they're doing pretty well with their very own paths. As for Alys, she's now with MDeC and can't stop getting opportunities to travel the globe yet get paid ;) Tiqah's working with Sime Darby and hopefully she'll get better opportunities in the future-to-come, Amin.

Elena Hong Tze Lan bt. Musli is an angel sent from above to be in my top list. We've shared tears and joys throughout our six-year-old frienship.

After SPM results were released, my first two besties and other friends of the clan from Convent made their way to maticulations and universities. Me instead, I took STPM. I was quite a lone-ranger on the first day of Form Six and finally I met Elena and she's all the reason that made my life happier.

Since we first met, we've been real good friends. Other friends in the class used to say, "Kat mana ada Intan, ada la Elena. Kat mana ada Elena, kat situ la ada Intan". Elena helped me to pull through the very delicate and precarious situation that used to caught me back in 2003. I was dumped by a man who had my heart once and our four-years relationship went through the drain. But that's so history! I lived :)

Elena always offers me her helping hand and she knows very well where to start and when to put a stop. We always share our views and opinions although sometimes it turned to be contradict, but that's ok. We loved the differences, anyway!

For the two years we spent in Kajang High School, we had terrific moments to be remembered all the way. We've always wish to repeat the moments we had back in school days. Well, like my first top twos, Elena is now doing her 9-months chambering and she's about to get her license. I have no doubt that someday she'll be one of the top local lawyers in this country. She's talented and simply smart. She's cut to do this job!

Nurhazah bt. Ibrahim. A very down-to-earth talented journalist. Yes, she is a journalist. We started this lifetime friendship back in campus. Both of us graduated in Journalism back in 2007 after three solid and challenging years of Degree.

Hazah is my ever perfect study-mate. All assignments since the first semester we did together. She' good at graphics, so she did the slides and applied interesting effects in our three-years presentations! As for me, I was more on the writing part.

I really learned alot about life in campus. I bet Hazah does too. Hands in hands, we've faced ties of challenges together. Remembering about the days we spent in campus is simply nostalgic to both of us! Whilst a few of my colleagues have gone through hell of friendship matters, me and Hazah stick tohether till now. Alhamdulillah. I am very happy to be a frien of hers :)

After graduating, Hazah moved into a good career and she's currently doing things she loves the most- reporting! As for me, I chose to further my studies and that's what I am doing.

These four girls complete my life with joy and hilarious experiences.

No matter what, they're my drop-dead gorgeous besties and will remain that way till the end!


They worth more than just my best friends. They're my imbiological sisters!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

::Malay Must Not Easily Forget::

"Malay forgets easily". And that is a famous quotation by the country's former First Man, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed. He confessed that in tears.

For those who missed the life telecast which aired Dr.Mahathir reading his poem, they can still feel the agony expressed by him. Although he is born mixed blood, but Dr.Mahathir's passion and sacrifices for the Malays are undoubtedly greater compared to those pure Malays.

Malays were overly pampered during Dr.Mahathir's administration. He introduced, imposed and enforced ties of schmes, programmes and institutions that are meant to protect his beloved constituents. To my belief, personally and exclusively, Dr.Mahathir is more than mere 'Bapa Perindustrian'. He is an evergreen-Malay-iconic-leader in every ways! Not too much of exaggeration, right?

Dr.Mahathir has anticipated the fate and future of Malays as he knew the true colors of the people of his race. Therefore, during his 23-year-admnistration, he has put many 'evacuation programmes' in practice that attemp to help the Malays survive within the stiff competition with other races.

Although his administration experienced series of tough crticisms, especially by the opposition political parties, but we can go and ask Malays out there including me, did we lived in daunting condition during Mahathir's time? I personally will answer a BIG NO.

Institut Teknologi Mara (ITM) gained its university status during Mahathir's legacy and due to his tireless efforts, the insitution remains as the resemblance of ketuanan Melayu in this land. Amanah Saham Berhad (ASB) and Amanah Saham Nasional (ASN) are two effective means to help the Malays thrive in their lives when the time comes.

Above all, he preserved the Malays' rights in a draconian way whilst protecting the lives of other races with very sensible ways that had led the country's harmony and potential economic growth. People at that time had nothing much to dispute. Everything was right in place.

I was born back in 1984. The very day I started to learn this life, Dr.Mahathir was already in the picture. I witnessed his successful legacy and I have no doubt to thank Dr.Mahathir for what me, my family and contituents have today. I was accepted to pursue my Degree in UiTM. My total educational fees (six semesters) cost less than what students in Lim Kok Wing have to pay for just one semester. And again, I am now pursuing my Masters Degree in UiTM.

Although he has left the administration and the baton is now in his self-picked successor's grip, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I still felt that the benefits I am enjoying today as a Malaysian are very much what Dr.Mahathir has left for us, the Malays, the Malaysians and our beloved Malaysia.

So Malays, we mustn't easily forget. Learn to appreciate this life better than we did previously. Unlike before, we are now very much on our own to keep ourselves going.

With hard work, perseverance and determination, undoubtedly, Malays can be really successful and better respected in the eyes of the world. InsyaAllah.


Monday, December 1, 2008

::POTLUCK PARTY 2008:As Hot as the Red!::

Munira and Nabilah were the firsts to come.

Nabilah handed me her home-made delicious 'karipap pusing' and Munirah prepared her instant desert at my crib. Maisarah has a '50% share' in Munirah's sweet desert. Dare me not to mention the figures ;)

Minutes later, Mimi turned up with her beloved Hafis. Hafis was shy to join the party in the first place as he thought that it was meant merely for Convent girls. But Mimi did her part convincingly to help Hafis pull through. Hehe.

Not long after that, more couples turned up and it was good to see my gorgeous besties with their loves ! Zuhri and Anas. Alys and Ariff. Syanor and Along. Farha and Pen. Midi and Affin. And the rest turned singles on the day. I mean, some of us are really single available whilst some are singles only on the day. Hehe.

Both Mimi and Fauzan brought Secret Recipe's rich cakes for the peeps. Zuhri was trying to hide her home-made chocolate cake when she realize that there are already two Secret Recipe's on the main table. C'on darling ! What you've got for us is simply delicious and everyone was counting for Zuhri's famous choco-cake. Take my words. Her cake is delicious !

Sharina and Tahirah brought fully-sprinkled-topping-stuffs-pizzas and home-made muffins.

Alys brought cupcakes that are as cute as her. Zeti brought cappuccino birthday cake that we used to celebrate Farha, Syanor and Along's belated birthdays. No candles were blown, but we sang the birthday song as loud as we are! Well, who can be louder than my hooligan peeps? Haha !

Midi made us had cute sandwiches. "Midi, we realy don't mind if apparently the sandwiches were actually Affin's products!". Baien brought pisang goreng for all.

And me, like I've promised my besties, BBQ chickens are on me. But, I've to give big credits to Hafis, Baien and Anas for helping me from the beginning till the final piece of the chicken. They said it's the men's job. So, thanks men ! :) I appreciate your kind favors very much.

Let me not to write too much as I believe that pictas will do all the talking.

My heartiest thanks to all 23 friends who have attended the party on last Sunday. You guys really made my day and the joyful moments that we shared will be permanently remembered all my life.

Friends Forever!


animated graphics comment graphics

I came crossed this graphic and found myself lovinit.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

::Materialized Politics::

"Kalau dengan Mukhris, makan tempe la jawabnye. That's why we go for Ali Rustam !".
An undobtedly-shameful statement from a person who deemed himself to be an active UMNO member all his life. I stared right in his eyes until he finally realised that he has gone far overboard with his articulations that portay him like a complete dumbo.
I met this man at a ceremony yesterday after my uncle introduced him to Ayah and Ibu. My first perception was, "This man is ebullient". I should have realised that such a perception was totally wrong. He is pure example of money politic, instead.
The upper echelons of UMNO leaders, especially the ones who are dying to win positions in March 2009, appear everywhere in the media to show their enthusiam and determination to abolish money politics which seem to permanently dwell in the sole organization which resembles the Malays.
But the followers expressed themselves in distinct ways. That reflects the implied fact that money politics are yet to rest the case. Money is still the utmost and deliberate issue that the 50-year-old organization has to deluge with.
The rules which outlined the do's and dont's that should be obeyed by the candidates and all party members turn to be simply derivative. The blacks-and-whites are on the paper, but they have got their own way to save their ass from the public. If the candidates are still stuck in the state of dereliction of their pure duty, then I guess the constituents have nothing much to expect.
I was born in an UMNO family. I see the happenings today done by the dirty hands are desecrating the status of UMNO and Malays at large.
Sorry to say so...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

::Nirmala Bonat's Ex-Employer Freed Yesterday::

RM200,000 is the price that the notorious employer paid to get herself freed by the court.
It's too cheap. Honestly. Too cheap for a person who was charged with three counts of causing grievous hurt to an innocent girl.
The ex-stewardess was reportedly stunned when hearing the court's decision and world knows that she was petrified to death when she burst into tears on the husband's lap in the court. Not only Yim Pek Ha learned through her notorious crime, but the rest of employees should take this case as a serious lesson.
After what she has done to her maid back at her exclusive apartment in Jalan Tun Ismail, the innocent Nirmala who took all the pains in order to seek for an honest living, has been suffered a permanent nightmarish experience which will definitely haunts her in a draconian way.
All employers must learn that maids are also humans and like us, deemed to be treated equally with the basic human rights. If you dislike your maid over her low efficiency in performance, stopped her without having to scorching the person with hot iron or scalding her with boiling water. Get your family a new one to replace the weak maid.
Nirmala's ex-employer obviously thought that she could save her ass from the public. But apparently, things turned to be the other way round. It's not merely her and the family, but the rest of constituents and the country at large have to bear the same price over her unforgivable sin.
Why did I say so ?
Indonesians started to have negative perceptions toward Malaysians and even worst, some of them assumed that employers in Malaysia are simply antagonists, although it was only Yim Pek Ha and some other evil employers who created the undesirable history. Above all, such black incidents have jeopardized the bond between Malaysia and Indonesia.
Mrs. Yim Pek Ha, Seow Eng Aik, Phoy Yew Yong, Mat Sidi Samad and Chai Pei Ee, just to mention a few who have created history with permanent black mark, should not only apologized to thier maids, but also to the rest of Malaysians and the government who have to bear the nominal charges over the sadistic act done by irresponsible employers.
I am a strong believer that we have to pay the equal price, at all times with no compromise.

::Limbang Trip::

I was about to drop my December trip to Limbang, Sarawak.
Adventitiously, my conscience told me to give it a try, although it's going to be a plain-wedding ceremony. It means, no trip to Kuching, no adventurous trackking in the haven rainforest with haversack on my back and looking at the tentative, it seems like there is definitely no shopping.
Afterall, I don't really care about shopping-thingys. I am obviously not cut to be shopaholic. Thinking of Sarawak, I've always wondering of experiencing jungle-trackking in its thick forests, soothing my exhausted mind at its clear-crystal rivers, visiting rumah panjang and witnessing their exclusive traditional way of life and my utmost wish is to try the foods of the locals ! I always believe that foods describe the culture best. I am an eater.
When I was about making the decision to call AirAsia to cancel my flight ticket, my mind suddenly dispersed and I finally found reasons calling me to keep the plan as it's been planned earlier. I know that there is always a bright chance to learn something new and such an experience could be really precious as long as I can decipher ways to appreciate the moments I am about to spend over there !
Today, I taught myself something new...
"Just keep the faith alive and you'll feel doubtless !"

::Potluck Party 2008::

"Potluck Party 2008" is happening like tomorrow and I am so up for it !
Simple preparations have been made early in the morning for a meaningful tomorrow. Me and my besties have decided to put things in simplicity yet thoughtful and memorable. I hope so very much.
It has been ages since the last time me and my Convent-mates gathered in early 2008. It was a real day for all who attended the event. I strongly believed that all of us keep the smile and loughter until forever. Solidarity speaks the bond that will never keep us apart. InsyaAllah.
A few of my friends who called me explain that they are busy preparing for the foods. It's a potluck, anyway. Undoubtedly, this is the very chance for all of us to show the hidden talents. Talents that our 14-years-friendship might have never recognized before !
We've chosen a theme to cherish our party-"RED HOT" !
Yesterday, I finally found a reason and convinced myself that I'll be wearing a serious-red cardigan in order to meet the theme. I have been articulating to put-on something in red since before, but have always resort in black, blue and white- the dominant colors in my wardrobe.
InsyaAllah, tomorrow will be marked as another sweet momento in my diary.
Friendship lasts ever after.

Friday, November 28, 2008

::Kata-Kata Saya::

Mereka bilang bulan itu indah. Aku diam.
Mereka bilang bintang itu indah. Aku diam.
Mereka bilang pantai itu indah. Dan akupun diam.
Mereka bilang taman itu indah. Aku diam lagi.
Pabila mereka diam, aku bilang...
Hidup ini sejujurnya indah karena ini janjiku pada Sang Pencipta yang Maha Esa.


The saying goes "Forgive and Forget". But to my belief, only angels could do so.
Not purposely reluctant to forget, but it took me several painful months just to forgive the noisome sin she did. And I need not state the name as it will only fuels the flame in me.
Before the black day that left a permanent scar to me and my besties, everyone's intention was undoubtedly noble- wanted to fix things right, properly and safely to save the delicate situation that has taken place. But apparently, the expected results turned to be completely the other way round and war of words burst out.
Caught in the middle of the situation, I tried to pacify the situation as much as I could, but I should have known that I could be badly petrified when seeing unexpected things for the first time before my eyes.
I was badly petrified before finally me and my besties found ourselves dealing with cops. We were nominally charged over something we did not commit. I know that the easiest thing to do was to curse-curse as much as I could for the false report she lodged-but somehow, I managed to keep my flaming anger just to my plain-self.
She did apologised for the false price that she forced us to pay on the other day.
By now, it has been almost five months and I still find myself hating her and yet seeing her three times a week in class. When she first apologised, I knew that I have forgive her my wholeheartedly but soon after that, I realised that the resentment is permanent no matter what she does to save the condition.
I know that I am yet over it.
Not until today.

::Finally I created One::

After thoughtful articulations, I finally created one for expressing my thoughts-be it mellow or nonsense. The soul told me that having one does not mean losing anything.
And on top of that, it is undoubtedly true that only writings help me to pull through this fluctuating life.
So thank you blogger.com for giving me the chance to have my say free of charge.