Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, November 30, 2008

::Materialized Politics::

"Kalau dengan Mukhris, makan tempe la jawabnye. That's why we go for Ali Rustam !".
An undobtedly-shameful statement from a person who deemed himself to be an active UMNO member all his life. I stared right in his eyes until he finally realised that he has gone far overboard with his articulations that portay him like a complete dumbo.
I met this man at a ceremony yesterday after my uncle introduced him to Ayah and Ibu. My first perception was, "This man is ebullient". I should have realised that such a perception was totally wrong. He is pure example of money politic, instead.
The upper echelons of UMNO leaders, especially the ones who are dying to win positions in March 2009, appear everywhere in the media to show their enthusiam and determination to abolish money politics which seem to permanently dwell in the sole organization which resembles the Malays.
But the followers expressed themselves in distinct ways. That reflects the implied fact that money politics are yet to rest the case. Money is still the utmost and deliberate issue that the 50-year-old organization has to deluge with.
The rules which outlined the do's and dont's that should be obeyed by the candidates and all party members turn to be simply derivative. The blacks-and-whites are on the paper, but they have got their own way to save their ass from the public. If the candidates are still stuck in the state of dereliction of their pure duty, then I guess the constituents have nothing much to expect.
I was born in an UMNO family. I see the happenings today done by the dirty hands are desecrating the status of UMNO and Malays at large.
Sorry to say so...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

::Nirmala Bonat's Ex-Employer Freed Yesterday::

RM200,000 is the price that the notorious employer paid to get herself freed by the court.
It's too cheap. Honestly. Too cheap for a person who was charged with three counts of causing grievous hurt to an innocent girl.
The ex-stewardess was reportedly stunned when hearing the court's decision and world knows that she was petrified to death when she burst into tears on the husband's lap in the court. Not only Yim Pek Ha learned through her notorious crime, but the rest of employees should take this case as a serious lesson.
After what she has done to her maid back at her exclusive apartment in Jalan Tun Ismail, the innocent Nirmala who took all the pains in order to seek for an honest living, has been suffered a permanent nightmarish experience which will definitely haunts her in a draconian way.
All employers must learn that maids are also humans and like us, deemed to be treated equally with the basic human rights. If you dislike your maid over her low efficiency in performance, stopped her without having to scorching the person with hot iron or scalding her with boiling water. Get your family a new one to replace the weak maid.
Nirmala's ex-employer obviously thought that she could save her ass from the public. But apparently, things turned to be the other way round. It's not merely her and the family, but the rest of constituents and the country at large have to bear the same price over her unforgivable sin.
Why did I say so ?
Indonesians started to have negative perceptions toward Malaysians and even worst, some of them assumed that employers in Malaysia are simply antagonists, although it was only Yim Pek Ha and some other evil employers who created the undesirable history. Above all, such black incidents have jeopardized the bond between Malaysia and Indonesia.
Mrs. Yim Pek Ha, Seow Eng Aik, Phoy Yew Yong, Mat Sidi Samad and Chai Pei Ee, just to mention a few who have created history with permanent black mark, should not only apologized to thier maids, but also to the rest of Malaysians and the government who have to bear the nominal charges over the sadistic act done by irresponsible employers.
I am a strong believer that we have to pay the equal price, at all times with no compromise.

::Limbang Trip::

I was about to drop my December trip to Limbang, Sarawak.
Adventitiously, my conscience told me to give it a try, although it's going to be a plain-wedding ceremony. It means, no trip to Kuching, no adventurous trackking in the haven rainforest with haversack on my back and looking at the tentative, it seems like there is definitely no shopping.
Afterall, I don't really care about shopping-thingys. I am obviously not cut to be shopaholic. Thinking of Sarawak, I've always wondering of experiencing jungle-trackking in its thick forests, soothing my exhausted mind at its clear-crystal rivers, visiting rumah panjang and witnessing their exclusive traditional way of life and my utmost wish is to try the foods of the locals ! I always believe that foods describe the culture best. I am an eater.
When I was about making the decision to call AirAsia to cancel my flight ticket, my mind suddenly dispersed and I finally found reasons calling me to keep the plan as it's been planned earlier. I know that there is always a bright chance to learn something new and such an experience could be really precious as long as I can decipher ways to appreciate the moments I am about to spend over there !
Today, I taught myself something new...
"Just keep the faith alive and you'll feel doubtless !"

::Potluck Party 2008::

"Potluck Party 2008" is happening like tomorrow and I am so up for it !
Simple preparations have been made early in the morning for a meaningful tomorrow. Me and my besties have decided to put things in simplicity yet thoughtful and memorable. I hope so very much.
It has been ages since the last time me and my Convent-mates gathered in early 2008. It was a real day for all who attended the event. I strongly believed that all of us keep the smile and loughter until forever. Solidarity speaks the bond that will never keep us apart. InsyaAllah.
A few of my friends who called me explain that they are busy preparing for the foods. It's a potluck, anyway. Undoubtedly, this is the very chance for all of us to show the hidden talents. Talents that our 14-years-friendship might have never recognized before !
We've chosen a theme to cherish our party-"RED HOT" !
Yesterday, I finally found a reason and convinced myself that I'll be wearing a serious-red cardigan in order to meet the theme. I have been articulating to put-on something in red since before, but have always resort in black, blue and white- the dominant colors in my wardrobe.
InsyaAllah, tomorrow will be marked as another sweet momento in my diary.
Friendship lasts ever after.

Friday, November 28, 2008

::Kata-Kata Saya::

Mereka bilang bulan itu indah. Aku diam.
Mereka bilang bintang itu indah. Aku diam.
Mereka bilang pantai itu indah. Dan akupun diam.
Mereka bilang taman itu indah. Aku diam lagi.
Pabila mereka diam, aku bilang...
Hidup ini sejujurnya indah karena ini janjiku pada Sang Pencipta yang Maha Esa.


The saying goes "Forgive and Forget". But to my belief, only angels could do so.
Not purposely reluctant to forget, but it took me several painful months just to forgive the noisome sin she did. And I need not state the name as it will only fuels the flame in me.
Before the black day that left a permanent scar to me and my besties, everyone's intention was undoubtedly noble- wanted to fix things right, properly and safely to save the delicate situation that has taken place. But apparently, the expected results turned to be completely the other way round and war of words burst out.
Caught in the middle of the situation, I tried to pacify the situation as much as I could, but I should have known that I could be badly petrified when seeing unexpected things for the first time before my eyes.
I was badly petrified before finally me and my besties found ourselves dealing with cops. We were nominally charged over something we did not commit. I know that the easiest thing to do was to curse-curse as much as I could for the false report she lodged-but somehow, I managed to keep my flaming anger just to my plain-self.
She did apologised for the false price that she forced us to pay on the other day.
By now, it has been almost five months and I still find myself hating her and yet seeing her three times a week in class. When she first apologised, I knew that I have forgive her my wholeheartedly but soon after that, I realised that the resentment is permanent no matter what she does to save the condition.
I know that I am yet over it.
Not until today.

::Finally I created One::

After thoughtful articulations, I finally created one for expressing my thoughts-be it mellow or nonsense. The soul told me that having one does not mean losing anything.
And on top of that, it is undoubtedly true that only writings help me to pull through this fluctuating life.
So thank you blogger.com for giving me the chance to have my say free of charge.