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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Semangat Baru!

The octopus is enjoying a great celebration made especially for him now and for the next few weeks, maybe. Yes, he is just another living octopus, but 'special'.

Since day one of this year's FIFA, football fanatics from all over the world turned for Paul's prediction on the winning team for the most-looked-forward games.

For football, Paul has done a great job. For the past one month, we got the answers, although Paul's prediction was said to be only 80 percent accurate.

However, it is just a football game. Even if we choose to listen to Paul and say apparently he made an inaccurate prediction, it does not cost a life, still. Football fanatics could live in frustration over the results, but technically, it will not last forever.

But, what if we made a wrong choice for our lives? Do we choose to use the psyche octopus to tell us about our future?

A definite no.

Bookies say they are the biggest suckers as Paul has cost them up to half a million squid. But hey, losing half a million dollar is nothing to compare with losing half of your soul over the wrong decision made for our dear own future.

I've been there and done that. Once is enough. Twice made me a loser. But, what if my case is five? Complete loser? Tell me about it.

Some decisions I made in my life had cost me a lot. But I am not losing grip, still. With constant prayers, hopes, big-time efforts and iman, I managed to pull through the hardest and most challenging paths in my life. Nothing will come to you easily - I totally understand this.

Amidst the major flaws that took place in my life, Allah SWT has granted my doa and brought me closer to my ambition. Alhamdulillah.

Education, checked. Career checked.

I am contented.

However, I can still see a gigantic question mark on the other side of my life. Somehow or rather, I have made a promise to both of my parents about this. And I have also made an important promise to myself. I will rather see the question mark for the next few years, rather than making a wrong decision.

What if I manage to decipher an answer within a short time? I will then kill the gigantic question mark. And he will get a name. As being promised.

I need no octopus' assistance for this.

Fingers crossed!