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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, January 30, 2009

:Living Like an OKU:

The Shape of My Friendship! This is one thing that keeps me going.

I guess the toes have taken too much of my attention.

As much as I have sacrificed my blogging hours for attending the toes.

But, the attention I devoted to the toes weren't futile at all. I went for a dressing session just now in the morning.

"The wounds look beutiful, Intan", the doctor said in big smile while undressing the bandages which have been there for the past nine days.
"How can those toes without nails be beutiful, doc?", I asked in ignorance. "Your wounds have healed. Quite fast than what I've expected for your particular condition", he replied in his very polite voice. And the doctor is a quite-good-looking man, though ;)

Allah SWT has answered my prays all these while. I really need the wounds to recuperate fast. I really need to get rid of those bandages that enfold my toes very tightly. The condition is never comfortable for me.

But, enduring this condition is way better than standing the pains caused by the in-growing toe nails. The nails were like 'growing thorns ' in my flesh!
Three days ago, finally I got myself behind the wheel. Ahh, since the surgery, I've been in dire need to be able to drive again. I hate the idea that I always need assistants to bring me to places I want to go.

Once in the driver's seat, one of the doctor's funny statements triggeed in my head. "If you're going anywhere, you're now eligible to park at the OKU's parking bays. Even if you're not the driver. As long as you're in the car, so everyone can enjoy the benefit!". Heh.

Living life this way gives me sobering thoughts of this life. Out of Allah SWT's perfect creation, I've taken my life for granted in certain ways though. I finally realized that I've overuse the cliche so much, 'Nothing's Perfect'. But the fact is, humans can always be 'perfectable' out of the cliche's notion. As a human, I am the one who make all pieces of decisions in my life.
The bandages are still on my toes.
I've to admit that it's pretty difficult to move, to work, to put on the flip-flops and the hardest part is during my bathing times. I've to keep the wounds dry from any kinds of wetness. So, you go and imagine the condition I'm explaining now.

Ibu always advices me not to use my foots too much. The doctor advices so. The muscles need to rest. But I know I cannot just send commands for people to get my things done. I kept telling myself that I can move. I can drive. The process to putting on those flip flops would be easier after few times practices and I can bath like normal. In simpler words, I can work my-things-by-myself and should not take advantage over others' willingness that could over pampered me. Done deal.

Each time I found it hard to work in this condition, I remind myself that this temporary weakness is never a biggie. There are thousands of people with the same or in tougher conditions out there, yet they survived really well and even seized significant victories in their lives. They are real high achievers in ths world.

So, why shouldn't I?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

::A Call for All Agents of Changes::

While I was driving to campus last week, I listened to one preview of an interview on HOT.FM with one of Malaysia's renowned broadcast journalist (BJ) who has been doing tough tasks in media entertainment industry.
If I were to mention the name, everyone will undoubtedly has something to say, to comment or even to critic.
So, I choose not to state the name or where this particular person is attached to because his 'status' is nothing interesting to me.

But, one of his statements has strongly gave me a reason to share my say.

Something that is 'completely interesting".

In response to a question asked by one anonymous caller, he firmly replied in one simple yet thoughtful answer, "The journalists aren't human. Journalists are journalists".

Although I decided not to work with the media, but I have all reasons in this world to appreciate the media industry, especially the restless efforts taken by the newspeople to provide the best scoop to their dear audiences. They took all pains to feed the hungry-for-information audiences out there. Journalists carry the toughest commitment to the public. It's a fact that shouldn't be doubted. The heterogenous public rely on what the media got to say.

To the laymen, media practitioners, especially the journalists are their watchdogs.

Such a position has given these people what I deciphered as 'added responsibility over any other responsibilities'.
There's an interesting saying that articulate about the role of journalists- "The journalists can either make it or break it!". It's undoubtedly true that 'mata pena lebih tajam daripada mata pedang'.

But that should not make them, the journalists (reporters or most profoundly Americans called them as the press) less than human. On whatever situation, journalists are still humans who carry a very high standard of responsibility to the public. At the same time, they have to operate accordingly to the pillars of journalism.

Go and ask the journalists.
"What is one of your biggest conflicts in performing the job?"
And no journalist would say no to "Public interest versus right to privacy" as the answer.

This is because, in most conflicting situations, it's really hard for the journalists to decide the point of the 'golden mean' when the two interests compete in one picture. In order to reveal the truth, sometimes they got to break the right to privacy. And if they choose the latter, they have to fail their utmost responsibility, that is to serve the public interest.

At times, even the pillars of journalism cannot provide means to save such a situation.

Desperately, they may use what Machiavelli offers to the industry- 'The ends justify the means'. When they were questioned on their less ethical decision(s), some of them would simply quote Machiaveli's words and arrogantly hide behind the profound responsibility, that's to meet the public interest. To say the truth, nothing but the truth.

But I am a strong believer that the moral conviction will always offer an ideal way to say the hardest truth. Even the sensational stories can be written responsibly. By putting it this way, the press need not sacrifice anything yet saved the situation at stake. Mills called this as the 'conscience of the agents'.

Journalists are always human. They operate under the name of humanity, at all times in whatever situation.

It's a noble job.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Boo hoo!

"We have to chop-off the nails, my dear", said the doctor.

"Chhhhop-off??!", I was petriefied. Like totally.

All parts of my body went frozen in time. It stayed that way until the 30 minutes surgery was over.

Alhamdulillah, evertyhing went so well in the operation theatre. Except when the anesthetist was injecting in my toes the liquids they called as 'local anesthetic'- that has caused me great pain. But I kept telling myself, this is just the temporary pain. It's whole lots better than standing the pain caused by the in-growing toe nails.

Local anesthetic means that the anesthetic is merely concentrated on the part(s) which need to be amputated or removed. Other than that, the patient is concious throughout the whole process. But, this type of pain-killer only applies in minor surgeries.

'In-growing toe nails'.
That's the reason why my right and left toes are now 'nail-less'. Not until the new nails grow. And that could take another few weeks (or a month) before the nails are finally tangible. Heh.

I always have such odd problems. I dealt with in-groing toe nail for the first time in 2001. I got half of my right toe nail removed a week after SPM examninations. My wisdom tooths were over than the size of my gum. All four have been removed in two-hours-minor-sugery back in 2007. The following year, after a family vacation in East Java, I brought to home a virus called 'typhod' (the spelling may be incorrect, but that's how it sounds). The deadly virus, which found only in the third world countries was a threat to local health and I was put in quarantine for a week after I went for a surgery to remove my appendix and the infections in my intestine. The doctors from MOF finally let me go after they were damn sure that the typhod is no longer in my blood. Boo hoo.

And yesterday has marked another experience in my life.

These experiences gave me good lessons and remind me to better appreciate this life and all opportunities Allah SWT gives to me. I know I must live this life to the fullest, be a better caliph of Allah SWT, a better daughter, a sister to all brothers and sisters and a friend for a bunch of my lovely friends.

Ajal, jodoh and rezqi all remain as Allah SWT's secrets. But, we as His caliphs, must appreciate the chances given by Him to make everyhing better for ourselves, our parents, our brothers and sisters, friends, for the earth and for Islam. InsyaAllah.

P/s: I am all excited waiting for the new nails!! Thee he! (>.<)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

::My Brand-New Work Stations!::

The tidi-est that I can make

The new "buah hatis"

My used-to-be-downstairs-things are now in my room!

My work areas used to be on two different floors.

But thanks to the wireless connection, now both of my very-favorite-spots are upstairs, in my room.

The study table has never been elsewhere than in my very untidy room (but I've been trying all my best to make this room looks better than it was and I considered those hardships as successful!). Whereas, laptops and printer were downstairs, somewhere really close to the telephone cable.

To better justify why I need these both areas to be placed immediate with one another, I felt really crazy to bring my dictionaries, note books, diary and stationeries downstairs when I needed to use the internet. And when I got to start writing things, I will then had to bring those stuffs uptairs. At times, double trips weren't enough to import the stuffs from different floors.
That sounds crazy, init? I agree wholeheartedly.

And I did dat for the past 2 years without fail although somethimes I felt that I need something like a 'universal remote' that could help me in transfering stuffs from upstairs to downstairs and vice-versa.

But until the 'death' of my previous modem on last Friday, I have never had the very-definite-reason to move my electronic devices upstairs. I wasn't so sure what caused so but one thing for sure, the 'penyakit Malas' has been one of the discouraging factors ;)

I was in a very deep disappointment realizing that my modem isn't working as it should and the fact is, I really in dire need of the internet connection as I had to print out this semester's tuition bill from the portal.

Although the deadline is still almost a month away, but I always hate to tolerate with situation when things I really want to do is halt by intolerable reasons.I was hoping that I could settle down my bill thingys on that Friday and start counting for the course validation when the day has come.

The 'death' of my modem failed me on that particular plan.
That very point is when I decided to use wireless connection in my home- a decision that I should have made long-long time ago. Heh.

But I always believe in one saying- 'It's better late than never'. A saying Ayah definitely hate ;) Ayah believes that the saying means nothing more than just to cover-up my own mistakes for forgeting or taking thigs for granted in this life.

So, on the other day, when I was seeking his pemission to upgrade my internet connection, apparently he asked, "Kenapa baru sekarang...Patutnya dari dulu lagi". Of course my answer was something else than "It's better late than never, Ayah" :)

And today, me and Ayah worked in hands to move my 'downstairs stuffs' into my room.

I must say that I really love my room's new look!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

::The World's Worst-Accursed Attack::

The world cannot take this anymore!

Since the first bombardment that attacked the Gaza City a few weeks ago, the media have never failed to continuously update its receivers about the bloody event.

The world have seen abundance of pictures, videos and news stories provided by the restless newsmen.

An event the world definitely hates to see.

Yet, the Israel thoroughly ignores the denunciation addressed to them. Indeed, they arrogantly believed that they are doing this under the world-peace ticket.

Amidst all peace-calls voiced by many countries worldwide to pacify the situation in Hamas, Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak has declared 'all-out war against Hamas'. According to the reports by The Huffington Post Online, Israel's stated goal is to cripple Hamas' ability to launch rockets at Israeli towns.

The cold-blooded Israelis announced their stand that ground invasion is needed to stop Hamas' plans and made it clear that airstrikes alne cannot finish the job. In the same article, I've came across one heart-wrenching statement by the Israeli- those heartless hombres believed that 'the war is what Hamas wants, thus they deserve it'.

The evils have got all reasons in this world to resume their inhumane occupation.

Until today, the death toll has passes 1,000 innocent lives. And most of the victims are kids, women and older people who were plain weak and helpless. I always believe that only the heartless-asses would have the heart to attack those helpless civilians.

The Israel-Arab conflicts have evoke global outrage like no other crises. But it seems like the world has got no effective means to put the ceasefire in place. I flipped several stories appeared in today's Utusan Malaysia and out of those 'helpless stories', I found one good piece- PBB finally calls for an urgent assembly to put relevant forces on Israel to halt their attacks in Hamas.

Although such an assembly should have been done earlier (so that the death toll could be less than what we got now), but at least, it's not a little too late for such a noble call. People all over the globe are in joining hands to make the Israel open their eyes of how much the world is hating them. Even worst, this hatred could possibly be a permanent resentment towards the Israelis.

Hopefully, what we are doing now could save the land from being a complete 'ground zero'. Ameen.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

::I Definitely LOVE My SaturDAY!::

At the point when I almost rest the case, I finally hit the right heaven.

I had put hope to find books that I need for my dear references in writing my thesis. So I tried both MPH and the BORDERS previously.

But those bookstores do not offer many books relevance to media studies. I'm MPH cardholder and I'm loving the ambience the BORDERS offers, yet, I successfully found book I needed the most at KINOKUNIYA.

I found one of the text books that I'll be using for Telecommunication Media Management (COM507)- that adds another smile on my face today. So hopefully, I won't be rambling dismayingly anymore. Heh.

MPH used to have a few shelfs which accommodated good books on media studies. But out of no reason, the management has finally removed those shelfs to give rooms for books on sports. No offense, but why is that in the world should they remove the MEDIA's shelfs just for that reason?

If I were in the management unit, I would rather reduce the area for stationeries and accommodate more shelfs for books and by doing so, I don't think they need to sacrifice those shelfs for media books. Duh. The BORDERS scores a little better compared to MPH. They still keep their shelfs for books on media studies, although most of the books they have in store aren't really useful to help readers understand media as a whole. But at least, they still have that 'MEDIA' label (even just a small one compared to anything else they got in the store).

Earlier this morning, my instinct urged me to give KINOKUNIYA a try. At the point of trying my luck, I was just doing it for the sake of trying. To my great surprise, KINOKUNIYA gives good signs that the shop stores heterogeneous titles pertaining to media studies.

And on top of that, there is where I found my very very dear WE THE MEDIA: Grassroot Journalism, Journalism by the People, for the People. I've been hunting for this book like all my entire life. This is the perfect book to give me almost everything that I need to learn about Citizen Journalism- the area of my thesis. Written by the Father of Citizen Journalism, Dan Gilmor, it's one of my worthwhile investments in this life!

The dismal I had in me finally disappeared.

All that left in me is the reason to heartily appreciate those books I got today and make full use of both.

In the course of searching for both books, I came across various books that are pretty relevance to both of my thesis and interest. But, I can't afford to buy all books in one shot. Or else, it's going to cost me more than RM1k today. Ho.

I know I have to do that phase by phase. So, I'm going to start treasuring the first two books before I can get the additional ones in the near future. That's a real excitement!

I had beutiful moments dislodging the books from it shelfs in the store. Standing next to me was a guy who was in the same shoes like me. He was hunting for books as well (and quite cute though. Hah). Media books to be exact. Both of us got a list in grip. He explained that he needs books for better references. He's doing his PhD now. I went like wow! So, we did the dislodging together.

And after Maghrib, I went out for coffee with my besties- Alys, Tiqah and Farha. While we were purchasing the drinks, that's when we realized that we should halt supports on anything that relates with the America and Israel. Hah. Apa nak kata. Duit pong da bayaq waktu tu.
(but those books I loved to death came from the America. Peh.)

Out of the wrong place we were, the four of us had a lovely gabfest over latte, donut and sandwich. It has been ages since the last time we spent our time for a date like this (we always call this exquisite moments as date). I'm totally blessed to have friends like these beutiful and generous girls.

On top of that, I'm so happy knowing good news from Alys and Farha! No matter whatever awaits us in the future, we knew that this solidarity is forever! Ameen.

LOVE is in the air!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

::CELEBS' WEDDING: Celebration or Competition?::

"Beuty in Simplicity is Priceless"

Over what we've seen in the media portrayal of celebrities wedding, I bet it is not too much if I say that they are not merely competing within the stiff industry, but somehow, their status have also put force on them to make everything looks big. Really BIG, indeed.

The BIGger, the MERRIER. But that's the price they need to pay for being public figures and the people, be them fans or foes, are always standin on their toes to get the latest stories.

The simultaneous advancement of communication technology has allowed both fans and foes to continuously get all sorts of stories, pictures and videos they desired for. Being one of those who demands for the latest development of events that took place on this planet earth, I thanked the technology very much. Heh.

Paparazzis are working twenty-four-seven to get the best scoop, thus serve to the fulfill the high market demand which call for sensational stories and personalized pictures of the personages! That's public interest.

And it's undoubtedly true that public interest stories will definitely sell and it's all time lucrative. Thus, media practitiones (this time I'm referring to those who involved with entertainment industry) will take all risks for the sake of sales. But, never put blame on them as they are just doing their part to cater the public's interest.

This topic might be totally subjective. Oh well, different persons might poses the very distinct perceptions about things that occur in our daily course of learning the implied meaning of this life. Maybe some people just couldn't be bothered to get the latest news of the celebrities. But in the other hand, there are great demand for stories to break thier thirst of sensational items. The differences we have add colors to this life anyway!

We do the choice without any forces.

Now, let's get back to the main issue.

These few weeks, I've came across many opinions from the public about celebrities wedding. And for sure, I deciphered that Mawi-Ekin's much-awaited wedding has been the favourite example. Again, I'm stressing here that people have different reasons counting for this so-called wedding of the year (at least until someone else beats these Johorians record).

But one thing is for sure- the celebrities wedding are more than just plain wedding. It's not too much of exaggeration if I were to call their weddings as fiesta. And such fiestas have triggered too much says.

Out of so many opinions, I'm wholeheartedly agreed with one ulama' words. "Grand wedding is everyone's dream. But when we come to think of it, it's strongly adviceable for the couple not to waste so much for the wedding. A simple yet meaningful one will do still. Not everyone will praise the wedding. Even worst, if undesirable thing would happen to the marriage, it's hard to stop people from talking bad".

That's so true. Many people tend to talk about the bad things before good ones will finally show up. Indeed, the couple should put their upcoming journey after the big day as the utmost important. Beuty in simplicity is peculiar and will be much appreciated, I guess.

But, it's hard for those big names not to make their big day the biggest one. They knew that many ones want to know about their wedding. And afterall, if they didn't allow the coverage of their wedding, people would still curse. Articulating about this made me believed that it was hard for them to make one decision that would completely satisfied themselves, friends, fans and foes. People will still do bad talkings.

This is so life.

The price can gets really high and some people just can't afford to buy one.

So, here I'm wishing All the Best to all just-married couples and may the marriages last forever.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

::My WednesDAY::

The very first thing I did when I woke up today- I blamed
myself for failing to make it at 5am, although I've set two
alarms for that purpose.

Well recently, I realized that it has been pretty hard for me to wake up early in the morning (regardless how many alarms were set to help me do so). On the other day, I said this thing to one of my cousins and pointing finger at the fact that I've turned to be a lazy-sleepy bum. "Takla..I bet it's due to your restless life le Ntan", she replied me right back with all confidence the world has.

Thank you for making me feel better but anyway, 'fact bites', init..? Ngehaha.

After my solat Subuh, I did my must-morning-chores. I hate to waste my morning hours, because knowing myself my whole life, I can only function at the maximum level in the morning. So alhamdulillah, by 12pm, I managed to accomplished almost 80 percent of my today-to-do-list.

From that point onwards, good reasons came to me to make my day better than I thought it would be. Alhamdulillah again and again.

Then at around 1.30pm, Prof. Madya Roslena (my Supervisor for thesis) called me. She called me twice when I was doing my thingys in the toilet. Kehkehkeh! Looking at her missed calls freaked me out from top to toe. Oh well, I always have this unreasonable apprehension when I gotta deal with anything related to my studies and I can be completely petrified at times though. That's my uneraseable bad, I admit. But when things got in the right places again, the feeling will dissipate and I'll be back normal.

Without prior notice, my Supervisor suggested to see me in the evening, right after her class at 4.15pm. At that very point, I was better petrified but luckily, my mouth and mind were still working at the very minimal level(at least to answer her back). She didn't force me to come by today, but me myself has been waiting to hit the opportunity to meet her and discuss over my topic. So, I knew I must agree to meet her today. And I did.

I made it at her office sharp at 4.15pm. I feel totally blessed to be under her supervision. Amidst the fact that she masters the studies of my topic-in-interest, Cik Roslena (that's what she wants me to call her) seems to be a very sharing person and throughout the discussion, she loaded me up with abundance of mellow ideas and information pertaining to my topic. Almost evertyhing that relates to Citizen Journalism is at her very fingertips.

By meeting her, I finally had the chance to submit my proposal and yet, I'm expecting an overhaul on the proposal's content from her though. But at least, I've done something that helps me to see things in better clarity. Cik Roslena is an open-minded person (I hope she really is! *crossing fingers*) and the way she approaches me has made me not to dissimulate my real thoughts and intentions.

Class started quite late today and that could be the reason why the Dean delayed the wrap-up. But, the lessons we had were thoughful and useful from both Dean and Encik Mat today. So I guess, we didn't really mind ending up quite late (although the stomach sang too many hungry songs!).

We kinda put force for the Dean to wrap-up because we were in great dire of satay (like we've planned on the other day)! We gave good cooperation throughout the class for the sake of finishing it early so that we can resume our dear plan tonight. Haha. Baik anak-anak Semester 3 ni..=)

We reached Satay Hj. Samuri within 35 minutes time. Thirty chicken satay, ten beef satay, ten satay perut, ten mutton satay and four plates of ketupat and timun potong. Not to forget, plus one nasi goreng pattaya (my order), one nasi goreng kampung (Kak Yan's order), one bihun goreng (Kak Wa's order) and one nasik goreng ayam (Kak Sarah's order). I hope those orders show that we were starving to death. Kihkihkih!

On top of that, we had tonnes of undelicious celebs gossips over our delicious satay. But nothing could stop us from continually eat, eat and EAT! Hah. We don't like to waste. Amalan syaitan namanya..

We gossip like it was nobody else business and I loved that very much. It was good to see that everybody was enjoying the foods, gossips and happy moments altogether.

So, that what makes I love my today and hoping to get more of this again and again. Even better moments with friends. Now, I have reason to sleep tight tonight and hopefully to see me smiling again tomorrow.
*crossing fingers!*

Saturday, January 3, 2009


The renowned hypermarkets- Giant, Carrefour, Billion & Bintang, the high-ends' supermarkets- Jaya Jusco, Cold Storage (not to mention names like Fajar, Ocean, etc which have gone down the scale), small-medium size groceries shops, those fishmongers, butchers and everyone who used to dominate the wet and dry market have been badly perturbed by the existence of TESCO.

TESCO, a name aboriginated from the America- has successfully penetrated the local market and it is consolidating its name by allocating outlets in the most populous towns all over Malaysia. TESCO has been more than just a hypermarket for the majority Malaysians. It's a phenomena that has struck the constituents and the phenomena I am referring here isn't a mere phantom, it's a pervasive one, indeed.

By now, I guess, TESCO's outlets are found available in so many conurbation in this country. In Kajang town itself, this hypermarket has been enjoying loyalty of the consituents from the immediate areas (my Ibu goes out for groceries shopping at TESCO in each two to three days in a week without fail. Can you imagine?). And I'm yet to mention about the identical huge response they received from constituents in other places.

So I guess, it's not too much if I were to say that TESCO is in it's colossal achievement. Don't you think so, dear?

Given a mother who has all reason in this world to stay loyal with TESCO, I always hate to do that two-to-three-days-a week-routine during weekends and in the end of the months. That's when TESCO became the amusement park! Kids are running all over the place and I had to queue for almost 40 minutes to get my vegetables tagged. Dem..~ I didn't have the option though, but to stand in patience.

Amidst the continuous denunciation of the people worldwide towards America's brutality in the middle east countries, coincidentally, we are are in joined hands to support their market like there's no other (but me myself have to admit that TESCO' prices are undoubtedly unbeatable by any other hypermarkets!).

TESCO has got so many things to offer its heterogeneous customers and other hypermarkets are dying to compete with it. It gives free membership for all, provides free vouchers for its customers over the purchases they made and recently, they announced their strong support towards protecting the environment by using less plastic bags. They encourage the customers to bring their used plastic bags from home and provide points for the bags they use to put in the stuffs (the implied idea is, TESCO is not merely protecting the earth, but they are saving their cost at one shot).

Kelantanese have witnessed the very peculiar experience with TESCO when the hypermarket has put its name in Jawi fonts- it's amazing when we come to think of how they really put their big effort to better penetrate the bigger market. By having its name in Jawi, they aren't merely creating a new history, but they also pacified the hatred of Muslims and Malays towards the conotation of American's brands and products. Good job, well done..~

I'm not writing this piece neither to praise TESCO (I'm not getting anything in return by doing so, anyway) nor to offend its existence (I don't have the power to beat this Marxist way though).

But, I always have the thought to be one of the biggest shareholders of TESCO. Ngehaha. Memang impossible. But, t's not harmful to save a dream!!

::The State of Numb::

Some people firmly believed that it is plain dangerous to speak your mind when you're caught in an unstable condition because the articulations could kill.

But to my belief, words could turn sour feelings the other way round and thus, pacified the within almost instantly. I am clamouring for that pacifier effect. So that I can sleep tightly tonight. If this uneasiness remains in me, I'll be writing freaking crap entries till dawn.

At times, I realized that I got all reason in this world to live happily with my loved ones. But amidst those good things, the influence of defeatism beats my guts and simply took over my happiness. Life's fragile, isn't it? But the fact is, love life could cost everyone more than just that. When that undesirable time came to us, we then have the reason to live miserable.

That's mainly why I call the love as bittersweet. Learn to take the bitterness and adapt with the pains before we can finally relished the eternal sweetness. And in the course of learning this, some might lose grip and tend to rest the case.

But, I always remind myself and advice others not to simply jump on such a decision. But somehow, being humans,we aren't the clairvoyants. Only Allah SWT has that ultimate power. Therefore, we must learn to accept whatever that have been fated for us. Qada' & Qadar has always reminds us that the Almighty knows what are the best things for His servants.

All grown ups must have their very own plan(s) for their very own future. Regardless how successful the person has been or how sucks the life used to be previously, everyone needs a clearcut plan to skecth for a better life ahead. Life isn't a fairy-tale with all unexpected happiness to come into our ways with one prince charming holding yourhand in clasp.

That's why we need to anticipate in 'designing' our desired future and hopefully things will be just right in place for all of us. Let us do the sketchings and designings but never forget to tawakkal.

So, I am wishing myself all the best in my future endeavor. May Allah SWT bless me constantly and I really need lots of His blessings to make this life flow smoothly with less pain in the heart and torture to the mind.

Not to forget, I am wishing all readers all the best in your version of endeavors as well!

I guess I can sleep now.


And I need to wake up early in the morning tomorrow. I'll be hunting for nasi lemak for my breakfast!


Friday, January 2, 2009

::Treasuring the Second Day of 2009--From Downtown~Uptown::

+ The borderless BORDERS that excites me!+

+'Plastic Sneakers'!+

Me and Ibu made made our way to the downtown to meet the cousin yesterday before both of us decided to do a little cookies' shopping at Ikea. I can never resist all of the Sweedish cookies the shop have got to offer and Ibu just can't get enough of Ikea's curry puffs. 'Half-a-dozen' is the ordinary order that will do good for her.

The decision to went uptown wasn't due to just those two plain factors because most importantly, I needed to find new reading materials for my thesis and perhaps the additional task assigned by Prof. Madya Adnan (we got the Dean to teach us this semester) has put me in strong encouragement to feast my eyes with new books. BORDERS has got all that to offer!

Since my very first visit to the Curve's outlet which I did like four months ago, I've so fallen in love with the bookstore. In this case, I must thank my classmates for sucessfully seducing me to experience the BORDERS. Exactly like what have been peddled by them, true enough, the BORDERS has got something in difference. And I am talking about the nuance it offers to the visitors.

I guess I was quite late to experience this good feeling about the new bookstore for the people in town. But being late is just whole lots better than never. Init...? :))

Like I always do, once I stepped into the bookstore, I'll definitely get myself to visit 'History' area. BORDERS offers almost six to seven shelfs to allocate books pertinent to histories- ranging from World History, Southeast Asia History, America History, South Africa History, Renaissance, etc. I found six splendid books but yet to get myself even one. I bet I've got to try Amazon.com's quotations before purchasing those that penetrated my heart.

All I got for my reading from the bookstore was book which provides an introductory ideas pertaining to the Malaysian Law & Legislation. That's gonna be my dear guardian, I hope!

After a solid two-hours visit to the BORDERS, it was already the time for me and Ibu to return home. But before we do that, we had a coffee break at one of the cafes facing the pedestrian crossing lane. And over chit-chat, I saw something I like that gave me a reason to still be proud of being a Malaysian.

It's one particular thing about Malaysian drivers when they were driving upon the yellow stripes in front of the Curve's main enrance- they give ways to the pedestrians. Sorry to say, but as a matter of being honest, this is completely something I rarely found elsewhere in KL and other places countrywide and everytime I used that particular road, I don't really feel like I was in Malaysia. Too bad but it's true though.

Next, Ibu realized that she needed to find a few groceries. So while she did her thingys, I made my way to the nearby Crocs. I have never thought of purchasing a pair of 'plastic sneakers', but some friends have strongly recommended me to try one since it's adviceable for me to wear shoes that are light and comfortable (the right toe is recuperating from an in-growing toe nail..Again! Dem!)

Unluckily for my foots (but lucky for my purse!), I failed to find one that could fit me well. The shop attendance explained to me that there's actually one problem with Crocs' shoes- some Malaysians cannot fit the shoes well. They might got the pairs either too tight or too loose and apparently I'm one of them...~
Crocs doesn't offer sizes like 7 1/2 (like many sport shoes do). So, my swollen toe cannot fit size 7 and 8 looks lousy anyway. Ngehaha!

Me and Ibu finally reached home within 30 minutes time after we left Ikea (I did a good job for being able to find the right way back to the parking bay. I used to lost in the middle of labyrinth of Ikea though). It wasn't like our previous visit when we had to struggle for almost 35 minutes just to find the right way back to the parking bay.

Right after Maghrib, I had a date with my High School boys and girls at Ayza. Meeting my friends is one of the bestest things in my life that I couldn't resist We gabfested on ties of issues ranging from good ones to freaking craps but still lovinit :))

So, that's how I treasured my second day of 2009!

It was a DAY for me and I want more like it.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

::2009's Curtain Raiser!!::

+Yang paling SETIA. Juga sebagai kekasih malam tahun baru+

+Ini dia ngedate malam tahun baru. Tlalu manis dan enak!+
So, I found it's oke just to be at home!