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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes, I am so BACK

It has been a few months since my last post. Or even bad than that.

The job has taken too much from me. But I am loving it though. This is what I really want to do.

To teach, to share knowledge and to gain precious experiences are things I insisted doing. I have been teaching for almost a semester without I am actually realizing it. How time flies! But yes yes, I dearly love what I am doing now!

It is always good to understand that everything is in place now though it was quite rocky in the beginning. I think learning it the hard way is the best approach to learn life better. So I did.

Each single things that took place throughout the process were too new for me. Meeting the students, teaching, composing and marking assignments, consulting, preparing the tests , examination questions and marking and scolding the students - everything for the 'very first time'!

I did get upset over the students' attitude at times, but most of the time I love them more, or I must say EVEN more!

I have come to realized that working in a private institution is way more challenging than working anywhere else, let alone being a government servant. If you question a why, take a read more: the students are demanding, different ways to approach students from 150 distinctive cultural backgrounds, language barriers, competing philosophies with the employer and to fit in an eco-system which is TOTALLY different from the conventional higher learning institution.

I resist to consider my students as mere clients. To me, they are CLIENTS to a better world. Therefore, I always believe that they should not be treated like a king- instead,they got to be trained to be KINGS and LEADERS for a brighter world.

They should not be spoiled and over-pampered. They should get the chance to unleash their wisdom, expand their knowledge and be the man for their nations and for the world.

Don't you think so?