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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

After Ages...~

Yesterday was the much awaited day for me.
The very reason is, I was all-ebullient to meet my old friends from Kajang High School. We have been apart since we left KHS back in 2003. But that does not mean we were totally out of touch with one another. We normally have the annual meeting (at least once a year) which will re-unite us back after months of silence.

To be honest, I am very blessed to have a bunch of friends from both Convent Kajang and KHS who embrace the notion of solidarity. We will always try to make ourselves available for our gatherings, although at times some of us can only spend a mere hour for the gatherings. Well, we do respect the big commitments each of us have. So, as long as the willingness is obvious, that would be very much appreciated by us all.

Albeit the bond that has tied us into this solidarity, I must still admit that I also had the chance to came across several individuals whom I expected to add the numbers of my 'friends for life', but apparently, my expectation turned to be a false one. Although up until now me and my friends do not understand why those persons are acting that way, but deep down I know they do have reasons.

Well well, it is the individual autonomy to make choices of their own, so no biggie. However, I do not understand how they can relace the bond of solidarity which has been built for almost half of our age with some other stupid reasons, instead of finding the right way to iron things out. Ok, it is personal choice. Whatever.

But again, I am all blessed to have a bunch of lovely friends who really care about the value of this friendship and still embracing it.

So last night is another gathering for me and m KHS friends. For those who are not from Kajang, KHS is a boys school, but they do accept female students for Form Six. After completing SPM, most of my Convent friends went to Matriculations and colleges. As for me, I went straight to Form Six for two bold years. Well at first I thought that I will very much be a lone-ranger in that new school, but again, time has proven that I was more than totally wrong.

In KHS, I made lots and lots of new friends. Lots of good friends, indeed. It was a beutiful evening to be spent with them. Most of them are attached here and there, which is a good news to me.

And there seems to be one obvious trend amongst the boys, the Myvi trend is in now. That shows how the model has penetrated the market, espcially those in their 20's. Coolness!

I will always pray for my friends big successes in their life, regardless whee they are and what they do.

I am also hoping to hit the same chance again and again in the future to spend more time with my friends!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Thursday's Thought

Right after I posted the previous blog entry, I dressed up and drove my way to one of KL's heaven, Kinokuniya!

I was looking for new books for my thesis writing and besides that, I endeavored for a book that discusses about the international relation between the rich nations and the the poor ones. The latter was not my priority, but alhamdulillah, I found two books for both endeavors.

I got myself the Mediamorphosis (written by my lecturers) and The White Man's Burden which was well written by William Easterly.

Well, I have been dearly wishing to buy the Mediamorphosis to support the justifications I wrote in my thesis. In the first place, I had this very naughty intention. I wanted to ask for a free copy from my lecturer. Or at least, she do not mind to lend me one. But when I come to think of it, I know, it is better for me to make the investment for my own benefit.

So I did.

On the other day, one of my lecturers assigned the with one interesting assignment which denoted a brilliant thought. We were asked to study the function of the media in giving international coverage for the underdeveloped countries. In simpler words, it is very much to finding one country which has been badly devastated due to the media occupations.

Well, my intention here is not to discuss about that particular country which me and my colleagues studied for that task. But, throughout the study we made, I finaly realised that the West, through their heterogeneous media channels, have played their part under the ticket promote the rights of the people.

But as it obviously is, the West efforts to aid the sufferers have done so much ill and so little good. These were all made possible through the power of the international media. Without they world realizing it, their occupations have dumped the people into a worst deprivation of human rights.

So, what is up with 'the white man's burden?'. The media plays a pivotal in this situation. The media can either make it or break it. The results show their blistering indictment in aiding the poor nations. Well, that is basically how I see the condition. It is undoubtedly precarious and daunting.

I am hoping that the new book explain to me better. I read the first chapter before purchasing it. And the articulations sound tremendously provocative, thus I jatuh cinta with it!

It is always interesting to study the mass media effects on societies worldwide. Different societies see the roles and functions of the media differently. And if we were to study the international media coverages on our dear Malaysia, we should not be suprise to see how they have moulded the world's perceptions towards the country.

It is scary to accept the fact. So there go the needs of our very own media practitioners in providing good portrayal about the country to naturalized the negativities out there.

Let's take the challenge, y'all and be more responsible.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogging in Big Smile

It has been a month since my last post. I've been dearly waiting for this chance to come again. Finally finally.
By now, it is already half of this semester. Alhamdulillah.

Although the journey was not that easy, but generally, I am blessed with the strength given by Allah SWT that has helped me to pull through the situations. Nothing can comes easily without hard work, determination and perseverance. Finally, tawakkaltu lillahi ta'ala.

My heart has been crying really hard to blog. But again, the crazy schedule and deadlines have disabled me from doing so. I had hard times redefining the priority when it comes to this. Ceh!

I am so not sure what should I say and where should I start now. Well, these fingers will be typing as intructed by the mind. So, I bet I need not to worry. Hee!

What's up with my third semester?

Well well. This semester is one of the toughest ones so far. But, there is a big YET. Yet, it is beutiful. Apart from the fact that I am surrounded by lovely kakaks (the classmates), the three courses I am taking this semester denote beutiful challenges that make me a better person who can better appreciate the meaning of life. It sounds weird, I know. But that is the significant impact of this semester to me. And the fact is, I am so LOVING IT!

At first, I personally thought that the Telecommunication Media Management course is so going to be a dull one. In fact, I had this very skeptical perception towards the Media Laws and Regulations even before the curtains were raised. Apparently, things turned the other way round and proved that I was totally wrong. I am all happy for that fact.

I keep telling myself that the root answer is always in me. I have the autonomy in deciding what is good and what is not for myself. Therefore, I know that I should not point finger to someone or something else if things failed to turn in the desirable way. It's basically my own decision. I must be responsible for my own life.

I have anticipated that my third semester schedule is going to be crazy. Well, IT IS. The third semester is the time when I have to juggle between several commitments (the three courses + Thesis + endeavor of my destiny!). The time has finally come to me and currently, I am squeezing myself into those three commitments which demand full commitment and patience. I believe that I am where I am because of the latter.

However, several remedies have soothed me well. I had my second appointment last week and the doctor explained that both of my toes are doing well. The new nails are growing and that is what I have been praying for. Additionally, two days ago, I went to collect my prize which I mentioned in the previous post. I am blessed with all this! Alhamdulillah.