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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Full Smile!

I can never be happier to know that Allah SWT has granted my doa. Thank you, Allah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

A week ago, I met one of the RMIT University's representatives at the Australian Education Fair held in PJ Hilton. I received a notification email from the International Relations Officer of the institution regarding the education fair and he asked me to meet their representative, Kenneth Eu at the event. So I did.

I am good to submit my application letter to both University of Adelaide and RMIT University, but can't do so, not until I receive a consent from the potential supervisor(s) at those institution to take me as a student under their supervision for my Ph.D.

I wasn't devastated but quite sad when he told me so.

But I kept reminding myself that it's not that easy to get things done. "Kejayaan takkan datang bergolek tanpa usaha", Ayah once said to me and each time uneasiness and sadness seized me, I remind myself of Ayah's piece of valueless advice. And on top of that, I have always told myself of HIS promise- 'Allah SWT hanya akan membantu umat yang membantu dirinya sendiri'.

So I did as being told by Kenneth. When I was writing the email, I prayed very hard to HIM in my heart. I remember Kenneth told me that it's not easy to get a supervisor to approve the proposal, especially in this festive season since most of them are on long Christmas leave.

As soon as I got back, I sat before my laptop, writing emails to those potential supervisors from both University of Adelaide and RMIT University. Deep in my heart, I kept telling myself that I might need to try again and again as it's not easy to get their consent. So I prayed again.

I checked my email the following day. It's the biggest surprise in my life receiving a reply from one of those potential supervisor I contacted on the other day! The surprise gets bigger he told me that he's very interested in my proposed research topic and gave his consent to take me as a Ph.D student under his supervision. Without I'm actually realizing it, tears dropped down my face. Ya Allah, terima kasih!

I would also like to thank the person I meant, Dr. Chika Anyanwu, for his willingness to take me as one of his students. The opportunity given by Allah Taala to me will never be wasted, that's my vow. InsyaALLAH.


I've promised myself to be a better person everyday. Ameen.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mission Accomplished. Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday was a big day for me and all of my classmates, I believe.

Alhamdulillah, I got my final examination results at around 9.55pm. From that moment onwards, I finally know that I've graduated my master's degree- Master of Mass Communication, to be exact. Alhamdulillah again and again.

I can't be explaining how relieved I was looking at my GPA for final semester and overall CGPA. I feel so blessed knowing that I managed to increased my CGPA as that's what most important for me in qualifying me for Ph.D candidature next year.

When I first viewed my result slip online, I was jiggered and stunned. I hardly believed what my eye balls saw on the laptop screen. I had never imagine getting such a result. Thank you, Allah Taala. Though I was happy with my GPA, my I am happier knowing that I've improved my CGPA. Alhamdulillah.

I've been told by my classmates that senate will release our examination result yesterday, but yes, it was so hard for me to squeezed into the congested network to check my result. UiTM has more than half a million students checking their results nationwide, during the same hours. So, tell me about that ;p

There is no word to explain how bad I suffered waiting for the moment to check my final result. I couldn't make a single guess about it, not even a rough target of what I'll be getting as I had no idea of how good or how bad I did my assignments and examinations. It was a jittery day for me, anxiously waiting for the senate to release the students' results.

My mentors continuously explained that the victory is due to my own works. But to me, and I know for sure, I won't be here and I won't be the person I am today without the help, doa, guidance and support from my beloved parents, my mentors (Assoc. Prof. Dr.Halimahton, Prof. Dr.Bukhory, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Haidar, Prof. Roslena & Assoc. Prof Rosni), my best friends (Alys, Farha, Tiqah, Elena & Hazah plus the rest of the girls!) and also my dearest classmates in Mc770 batch 2007-2009.

I am nobody without them. Seriously. So, I would like to congratulate them as well for being the greatest parents, greatest mentors and greatest friends on planet earth! I love all of you, wholeheartedly.

And on top of all that, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Allah SWT for according me with knowledge, inspirations, patience and health throughout my studies and I know very well that I won't be able to stand up to this level without the helps from HIM. I feel so blessed and I can't stop thanking Allah Taala for the blessings he has given to me, amidst the wrongdoings and all bad things I've done in my life. Thank you, Allah for granting my doa.

Last but not least, I would like to exclusively thank one person- a man who has been there during my ups and downs. I know I can't thank him enough for all patience, moral supports, doa and helping hand he lend to me so far to make things easier for me. You know who you are :)

To the rest of my classmates, CONGRATULATIONS y'all! See you on the convocation day in May 2010. I can't wait :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Foods, Great Time Together!

I would like to personally thank Kak Sarah and her beloved husband for hosting a house warming party yesterday.

And for those who have no idea about the name, Kak Sarah was my one of my classmate
s during the master's degree and we are going to be related since my second cousin is going to tie the knot with Kak Sarah's twin sister, Kak Nasirah.

How small the world could be for all of us, right? And that reminds me of one of Ayah's most precious advice, "Jangan pernah berbuat jahat pada sesiapa. Dunia ni kecil sahaja...", he said to me a few years ago. True enough, I'd came across a few experiences which have proved that piece of advice to be true. "Tak rugi dengar nasihat orang tua", I told myself repeatedly.

Coming back to the main topic, Kak Sarah has moved into a new house in Klang with her beloved husband. And her generosity has allowed us to be invited to their house warming party and we were served with lots of dishes, delicious ones, to be exact! Here, I would like to congratulate Kak Sarah and Abg. Sham (the husband) for successfully organizing a simple yet meaningful party.

I tell you, people...the foods were great! And they were coupled with great moments spent together with classmates attending the party- Kak Azwa, Kak Yan, Kak Mimi, Kak Mira, Zue, Ina, Jay and Shikin including me who wittingly came with an empty stomach as much I knew that Kak Sarah would be serving good foods to stuffed my big-empty stomach!

In the first place, I was quite upset knowing that the host was not cooking laksa ala Kedah for us. Oh let me tell you something, Kak Sarah's laksa is one of the best 'laksa experiences' I've had in my entire life. She's originally from Kedah, so we can't beat her 'air tangan' . So do I still need to mention that? ;p

But, I was all cheered up knowing that she has prepared the very special 'ayam masak serai', which is definitely one of her specialties. People, you guys gotta try this, it's super delicious. Take my words, y'all. Considering that I'm not the one who came with big-empty stomach, I left some for orang belakang, after 'swallowing' six big pieces of chickens. Big-time eater, tell me..~

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate (again) Kak Sarah and Abg. Sham for successfully moving into the new house. My prayers will always be with you guys, insyaALLAH. May Allah SWT bless the home with lots of happiness, eternal love, wealth and adorable kids, ameen.

To the rest of the classmates, you guys are awesome!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time Flies...~

It was the end of December 2006 when I first registered as a postgraduate student in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam.

I can clearly remember moments that took place during the day. Amidst the fact that I was not so well on that particular day, happiness was mushrooming inside me. "I am finally back to school!"
, I spoke to myself.

Two years flew just like that. I still remember the painful-yet-exciting-journey I had experienced throughout the duration. What is life without challenges, right?

One thing for sure, I have learned a lot, more than the years can count. All I know for sure, the challenges and happiness-
both delineated great experiences that will permanently remembered in my whole life!

Before the enrollment, I was haunted by all sorts of daunting thoughts and questions- "Can I make it throughout the two unpromising years?", "Am I going to be able to mix up with new classmates, many of whom I had no idea about their interests and preferences?", "Who is going to be my tablemate?", etc. Oh yes, I had more than those worrying thoughts, more than reasons could explain.

I did ask myself, "How does it feel being a postgraduate student who have to reach 3.75 and above in order to be in the Dean's list and have to be in the list for two consecutive semesters to be eligible to graduate with distinction?" Strewth, those questions haunted me horribly!

I attended to those worrying questions myself. I was reluctant to share with anyone else, especially my beloved parents as much as I do not want them to be worried. Moreover, I was out of a clue of how I can explain the state of feeling I had at that time to others.

So I told myself that it is just a matter of time. I strongly believed that time is the best healer and with careful steps, everything will always be in place.

I kept telling myself that it was my decision to pursue master's degree, no one forced me to do so. In fact, I should be thankful to Allah SWT for granting my doa to be there and I am forever thankful to my parents for their continuous doa and moral supports which helped me to pull through.

Alhamdulillah, from the first day I walked into the class, I knew that Allah SWT has granted my doa. Not to mention the nitty-gritty incidents that happened especially during the first semester, I wholeheartedly loved the classes I attended throughout the two years in school.

My exciting and beloved classmates were among the reasons which have encouraged me not to miss class unreasonably. And above all, I cannot be thankful enough to my dear mentors and lecturers who have continuously given to me their restless supports and best wishes, thus injected me with strong spirit to work harder from time to time.

I have learned something precious from my master's degree experience: "We won't be able to really be sure about something, not until we did it".

It is all right to anticipate things, but just make sure that we won't be carried away too far with the thoughts. Always expect for the worse, therefore we will not take things for granted and never be too confident is always the rule of thumb to seize victory, I believe.

Alhamdulillah, me and my classmates have accomplished our two years studies. A few of us went straight from bachelor degree to master whilst the rest entered postgraduate studies with bountiful working experiences from different fields. I believed that I was the one with least experience, but with constant contact with my classmates, I have picked experiences from here and there, from time to time. Alhamdulillah, again.

Everything I had with my classmates have added meaningful colors into my life and will be forever appreciated. I just hope that the friendship that has been built will stay there ever after, ameen. Finishing school does not mean that we are no longer connected. People come and go, but friendship lasts forever, innit? :)

To all my dearest classmates, CONGRATULATIONS for making it up to this level! All the best in your future endeavors.