Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Thursday, February 12, 2009

::In Real Big Smile::

I want to welcome myself back to the addiction of writing my things!
Thee hee hee..~

I had to keep myself so intimate with the proposal writing in order for me to move to the second level of my research study within this semester. That commitment gave me no option rather than I had to adjourned myself from any other ecstasies- blogging and Facebooking are two of those ecstasies!

Before she left the school for her six-months medical leave, my mentor explained to me that I mustn't be way too restless about the thesis as the Graduate School and faculty are expecting us to go for the prelimenary stage for this semester. And in our final semester, which is just next semester, we are then expected to really concentrate on completing the research studies.

But knowing my own colours...

I knew that I have to swallow all of the restless-ness in order for me to accomplish my thesis in time.

I am a slow learner. I am not born brilliant, so I always remind myself to double up each and every of my efforts to be better and to seize what I wish in my life.

It can take the rest of my life to accomplish a single commitment if I were to take my very own sweet time. I started writing my research proposal two weeks before the third semester kicked-off, and I took almost a solid month to complete writing it. I submitted my proposal on last Monday.

Two days ago, I had another appointment with my Supervisor.

Alhamdulillah, she has fully approved my proposal. "You shall enter the second stage now, Intan", she adviced me so. But still, she reminds me to add more information for the Literature Review section that will only be included in the final report which is to be submitted next semester.

I am blessed to be under my Supervisor's supervision. Apart from the fact that she's an adept in Citizen Journalism studies, she's jovial, enthusiastic and supportive at one same time. Working with her is all about working hard, play hard and lough out loud. Throughout our forty minutes discussion on the previous apointment, she adviced me to put balance hours for my studies and thesis that will help me to stay focus and motivated. InsyaAllah, will do so, Professor!

Next week, I'll put my hands on designing the interview protocol for my future in-depth interviews with my respondents. And I am praying hard to be able to do so in two weeks time. I am planning to start doing the interviews during my two-months semester break which will starts in April. As for now till the end of this third semester, I've to focus more on my assignments, projects, tests and final exams. Deadlines are approaching me badly.

But now, I am so focusing myself for the two-days excursion (should I call it as an excursion or trip?) with a bunch of my lovely kakaks to Umbai and Port Dickson. Sea foods, jet-ski, banana boat, kayak and loads of photos are what we looking for. Hihi! Well, since a few of my classmates are going to tie the knots somewhen this year and early next year, so I consider this as the 'Bachelors' Days Out!' :)
And just a matter of sharing...~

Yesterday a person from Speedy Video called to inform me that I've won the Grand Prize of the Sex and the City's contest and will bring home RM1,000 worth of frangrances, body lotion, cream bath, etc. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulllah. I always believe that Allah SWT will answer His capliphs' prayers. InsyaAllah, COVET, my all time favourite frangrance is on my way for free. I've been desiring to have one of it, but COVET is pretty expensive for a student's budget like me ;)

Till my fingers meet the keyboard again..!~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

::SNAKE MASSAGES, anyone..?::

This is much safer and better than the slithery one

While I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor on last Friday, I knew I am so supposed to bring reading materials to be my companion.

True enough, I reached the hospital sharp at 9am. I was an hour late then my scheduled appointment. The bumper-to-bumper crawl sucks oke. But anyway, I waited for almost one and a half hour before they called me in.

They don't allow people to use laptops in the hospital. I don't have a handphone-cum-media player. My Nano is dead a very long time ago. So obviously, I can only read too kill the time. I brought the latest copy of Reader's Digest and my one of my thesis references to help me stay alive.

Kids were crying everywhere. Adults chatted in almost their loudest voices. Nurses were screaming to call-in their patients. Demmit. It was way too hard for me to focused my mind reading my thesis references and I finally decided to read R.D.

R.D has never put me off. The way they do their writings are simple. Public-interest is all that they offer in their copies. Not-so-serious way of conducting journalism that makes their content cut for all regardless of anything. A perfect escapism for to save me from the chaotic immediate surrounding.

Of course, the interview they had with Obama is the precious middle-page content. But what attracts me best is the 'Right Here, Right Now' section which introduces the Snake Massages.

The photo depicted a man handling four snakes of different colors (but all look poisonous!) on another man's body. Hwa hwa hwa....~ Geli-geleman ako.

Oke oke.

Let's get straight to the story. A health and beuty spa located in northern Israel offers a service designed to make their customers' tensions slither away as the snakes slither on their bodies in a very slithery way. But of course a pro will handle those creatures but that ensures me no safety anyway. Snakes are always snakes, right?

So, the treatment consists of non-venomous snakes (ya righttt laa!) wriggling and hissing accros the client's aching muscles and joints. Such a treatment cost 300 shakels (+-$78). And one of the therapists explained that many people find the snakes have a soothing effect. That makes me ponder..How in the world could that be?

Mind to give that a try, peeps?