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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gossips Can Hardly Be Good.

The media, especially the alternative ones have good justifications on how gossips (some call it as rumours) can bring about good fortune to the celebrities. The question now is, do they honestly care about ensuring good fortunes for the celebrities?

As to my very opinion, I see that the reason can be nothing else than generating big MONEY for their organizations. For their survival within this very stiff market.

'Sensationalization' is a lucrative buzzword here.

It is undoubtedly true that gossips are effective in bringing the celebrities' names into the spotlight, thus will be in the central of entertainment media industry. They will be the interests of all followers of the entertainment world. They want to be the buzzword- as long as possible and as much as they can stay right there.

But what kind of influence are they getting out of this? Far from the good ones, obviously.

Gossips are normally associated with negative effects. Still, many celebrities failed in looking for better options to bring their names in the positive lights, thus become a desirable brand for all entetainment industry's freaks. I have heard of one classic example which I considered as way too pathetic.

One of my friends used to befriend with this one female singer. In those years, it was hard for her to penetrate the local market, let alone the idea of going into markets of Indonesia, the Philipines or Singapore. I am not talking about the wrong strategies she engaged with which have led to the failure. But the most interesting part is, she actually 'paid' for her gossip to be written in one entertainment magazine!

She called my friend to asked for his little favor to have a photo session with one of the reporters from the magazine. She requested the reporter to create a 'scandalous' story between her and my friend. She fed the reporter with a good story, of course! Most of me and my friends from Kajang have all read this story.

I guess the singer has successfully achieved the very purposeof her doing this. All she wanted is to bring her name back in the lists of topics that would interests the fans out there. Before I forget, my friend received RM500 as a 'token of appreciation' from that singer. Free money and free advertisement for my friend. Bravo, boy!

I bet that at least for once, most local entertainment fans were pretty much into this gossip, that is why I say that the singer has finally achieved her purpose and tha RM500 was a wise investment for her. But then again, what kind of influence does she get out of her not-so-big investment? Definitely not-a-so-positive one and if it were to be badly fabricated by the media, she might need to pay for 'bigger investment' in the future.

Last night I wathced the seventh concert of Akademi Fantasia. I stayed up until 11pm for Hafiz (Afundi Hafiz oke!) although my body was aching all over due to the watery escapade I had during the day.

Well, my focus here is about the dismissal of Aril (or Aeril or whatever), one out of the talented students in AF7. I am not so fond of Aril, but still I have to admit that he has the talent and he himself is already a good package to add more colours to the existing industry. He has been very stage-friendly, warmth with the audiences plus his good voice. Since week one, he received strong applause from the crowd and has been one of the top ranked students of this season.
Based on my observation and analysis, the turnover took place during the fifth week when they were given tasks to present duet songs with the previous AF students and Aril got Marsha as her partner that week. Aril is a naturally jovial and extrovert person, I guess. It shows that he is not a hypocrite person.

When he got Marsha as her partner that week, he was all happy and tended to have some light naughty thoughts about partnering with that girl who has a sexy lips and bold eyes. Well after all, he is just being a man. Not much of his faults, actually.

But then again, the fans or I must say the voters, took it differently. Marsha's presence on stage was considered as ok but te more they two go with one another with Marsha's presence at the the akademi which was broadcasted on the daily diaries have somehow caused disputes amongst Aril's fans whose largely comprise of women. This is why I said that gossip can hardly be good for the celebrities.

Although I've always like Hafiz's personality, his neutrality, his politeness and on top of that his big TALENT, I must still admit that Aril deserve to stay in there, compete to the final stage with the other excellent students like Isma, Hafiz and Claudia. Its going to be whole lot better if Rubisa and Zizi are still in.