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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I Wanted To Be Is Not What I Am Now. But I am Truly Happy

When I was a kid, I used to have several ambitions. Each time people asked, "What is your ambition?", different answers popped out from my mouth.

I wanted to be a lawyer, doctor, pilot and even a forensic specialist. Guess I was a little too ambitious back then?

But now, I felt blessed to be a person in a position to share knowledges and experiences with the new generations. And obvious enough, I had never thought to be a lecturer when I was still a school kid.

That is so life. Looking back in retrospect, it brought me to laughter and sometimes, tears. Life does not move in a straight line anyway.

The glitches used to be real pain in the ass, but it got its beauty when you look back from down a memory lane.

If I were to list down the glitches and the good ones, the former sure will outnumber the latter. Anyhow, the few best ones are more significant to my life than anything else.

As a matter of truth, the glitches had brought me to where I am today. If we believe in qada' and qadar, we will see the beautiful reasons for everything that had happened. And we will be thankful for the glitches!

I did not know what I exactly want to be when I was in school. None of the school I went to did stress on the importance of identifying and aiming for an ambition. I am not blaming off the school systems solely because I took part of the blame as well.

However, I do think that it is ultimately important for teachers to emphasize on this in every meeting with the pupils. Of course they are not in the position to tell the kids what they should be, but teachers are those in the right position to help the kids see their future.

University is the place where I learned tremendous lessons about life. I was lucky enough to have great mentors whom now I consider more than just teachers because their influences in me are like parents. When I was there, I knew that I want to be a person who is able to share a lot of things for the benefits of others.

Lessons can be learned in multiple ways. And I would say that most of the precious ones are earned not in classrooms. If we appreciate knowledge, we will learn about a lot of things almost anywhere, anytime.

Just one thing is needed- determination.

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