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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Monday, February 14, 2011

Am Not Condemning

I complimented the noble efforts done by the government of Malaysia rescuing our local students from the raging ground of Egypt.

Some said such efforts should have been done way earlier. Anyhow, the government has successfully brought home thousands of students, safe and sound.

Malaysians, especially the students and their families should be thankful for that. Really.

But recently, I read one of the Twitter updates by KOSMO! and I came across another Twitter update by NST that the students should bear the cost of their flight tickets to fly back to Egypt.

I am not devastated because I am literally not affected by this news.

But my true concern goes out to the ones affected- the students of course!

I have to admit that some of the students came from quite well-off families and they can afford the tickets anytime.

What about the ones who can barely afford the tickets?

It is true that most of the students are under scholarship and it provides cost for flight ticket as one of the benefits included.

But, it is also important for us to consider the cost of living that they will bear once they step foot back on the ground of Egypt. In one of the interviews with the students which I listened from the radio, she shared that prices of goods and food over there have rocketed.

I personally still believe that the prices will still be in the peak, at least for the next few months. We did learn from the history books, didn't we? A land devastated by war took years to 'recuperate'. And in the 'recuperating' process, the students have to bear expensive costs over there.

I hope that gave us enough reason to think. Perhaps re-think.

These students who are returning back to Egypt really hope for the generosity of our government to consider their conditions.

They are our precious assets in the future, it will sure be a worthwhile effort to help them, just one more time.


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