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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, February 18, 2011

No, It's Not Always About Age

The world has not turn upside down. But the ways we look at things should be revised. From time to time, perhaps.

Am not offending the very fact that age does matter. Anyhow, I personally do not think that we should undermine the capabilities of the youngsters.

Their experiences may not be as much as what the older ones have recorded, but just do not easily forget that they have this one thing- 'talent', it is.

And their heterogeneous talents bring will definitely help them to climb higher.

A few days ago, I was going through my wedding journal- a tiny book where I jot every single things related to my wedding. Then only I realized that 80 percent of the people involve in the making of this big day are youngsters! But they got talents I adore. Talents that are not in everyone, perhaps.

From the wedding dress, decorations for hantaran, dais, make-up, photographer and cinematographer to the canopies, all are with people who aged below 30 years old. Adding to the list a fact that should be proud of, all of them are Malays.

My dad is person hard to convince. Without substance, we can just forget to get him believe in something. But beautiful truth is, those young talents penetrated his resonance.

Although he is at times hard like a stone, but my dad strongly believes in talents of the youths.

Some people I met had vehemently criticized works done by the youths without even looking at the positive side of it. They just refuse to accept the very fact that the modern youths are not like what they had during their times back then.

I call people like these the 'outdated hidebound people'.

Youths of today are well educated, bold and their talents are much preferred by the modern people nowadays. It is going to be a big loss if we blatantly neglect what they got for the various industries this country offers.

One chance may lead to different opportunities in life. To give a chance does not cost us that much. It is all about investing a little trust.

And let's wait for the outcome. InsyaAllah, we will love to see what they can give to us.

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